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Argumentative essay on homeschooling

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❶This strong relationship translates to better learning for the student. There are home school groups all over that offer extracurricular activities, social interaction, and opportunities to get out of the house.

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Schools give the children an opportunity to participate in various social activities for example debates, sports and other competitions. In standard schools, the progressive periodic tests given to the children prepare them for the next level which they mark symbolically by moving to the next physical class. The child sees that he or she is progressing in life physically and will even work harder so as to continue moving to the next level.

At home, this symbolism is not replicated as there is only one house, hence the child does not get the progressive feeling of learning. The competition provided for by the other children in a school setting makes the child to seek improvement every term, and this increases the quality of his progress in academics, growth and development Moor. I do oppose the third and the second claim that homeschooled children do not take regular exams as well when they are isolated.

Isolation is not an issue to reject homeschooling. After all, a child enjoys every minute with his or her family. On the argument about exams, it is very possible to find homeschooled children doing better than those in public schools.

This is because parents tend to be more concerned of the welfare of their children and cannot afford to let them fail in their presence…. What is your opinion on the issue of homeschooling? Should parents teach their children at home or send them to schools?

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We divided them into categories of various types of papers and disciplines for your convenience. Get your writing assignment done in 4 simple steps 1 Fill in order details Submit your instructions to writers for free! Start receiving proposals from writers. The only way they will develop the skills to stand up to bullies is to be around them. Bullies will not only be in elementary and high school. There are mean people everywhere: When people grow up in the presence of people that are not always kind, they learn how to deal with them.

They learn techniques on how to not be bothered by the bully. They learn how to defend themselves in situations that it is necessary. If a parent decides to homeschool their child, they will not be around people that may be hard to get along with. They will not know how to stand up to bullies when the time comes. When children are homeschooled, they are not around social situations regularly.

At school, children and teenagers have friendships that start from a young age. They continue building friendships all through school. When people are around other people, it helps with their social interaction. They begin to learn how to communicate with people well when they are young and build friendships quite easily. When parents homeschool their children, they do not get the social interaction that others do in a school setting. While children that are homeschooled may be around other people on occasion, they are not surrounded by other people daily.

In high school it is very important for teenagers to feel accepted. Being accepted by peers is something that teenagers long for. If parents homeschool their teenager, the teenager will not be around peers daily and will not have the friendships they may want.

As a result, teenagers that are homeschooled may be shy or feel uncomfortable in social situations. In an article by Michael Merry and Karsten Sjoerd, they state that homeschooling works against the best interests of children. They explain that being homeschooled can lead to social inequality when they are in social settings. When children are faced with social situations every day, they know how to interact with others because they have the practice.

They are familiar with having conversations with both peers and adults. Children that are homeschooled do not get the practice they need to be able to socialize well.

Constitutional Constraints On Home Schooling", she explains what some see as the main reason parents choose to homeschool their children. They may believe that sending their child to a public school setting would hinder their Christian growth. Christians are taught to spread their faith to the lost.

If the child is homeschooled in order to be protected from the secular world, how will he or she be able to spread their faith to others? In a public school setting, it is sometimes difficult for Christians to be heard, but they are given the opportunity to show others the love of Christ. There are private Christian schools in many areas all over the United States.

In private Christian schools, they are able to proclaim their faith freely and are surrounded by other believers. Parents can trust that there child is being influenced well and they can know that their child will be growing in their faith daily while they are at school. While Christian schools are by no means perfect, children are able to show their faith freely and speak about Christ in the classroom. Public or private schooling is the best option to choose when deciding where to educate children.

There are many benefits to sending children to a school. They are faced with social situations on a daily basis and are usually more comfortable when they are in those situations. While bullying is an unfortunate problem in schools today, children and teenagers that are around the bullies daily learn how to withstand the bullying. They learn to go about their daily routine without being bothered by the bullies. Education in schools can be trusted and parents can know that their child is receiving the knowledge they will need in order to graduate with all of the credentials they need.

Teenagers that attend a high school will be better equipped for the school setting when they go to college. They are aware of how the classroom works and are comfortable with the idea of grading and learning in a public setting.

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Argumentative Essay Sample on Homeschooling. Posted on May 14, Also, we do not recommend that you use our argumentative essay sample as your own paper, because you might fail from plagiarism. Instead, you should make an order with our essay writing service and get original papers from our writers right away!.

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Writing sample of essay on a given topic "Homeschooling vs Public School". Danielle Mahek's ePortfolio. Search this site. Home Page. Argument Essay: Why Public Schooling is the Best Option. Final Exam Essay. First Day Essay. Thesis Driven Synthesis Essay: Technology Today. Homeschooling will hinder children from being aware of how to act in social situations. Sending children to school is the best option to .

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Essay on The Negative Effects of Home Schooling on Students - ABSTRACT: Home schooling is a controversial topic among educators. The issues that follow a child throughout their educational and social lives, are elevated when a . Aug 29,  · Homeschooling - Argumentative Essay (Final) For a person to develop, he must experience the life and norms of a community. He must also experience these events in a sequence that forms the normal pattern of development.