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How to Put Your Education on a Resume [Tips & Examples]

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❶As such, our goal is to give you the best tools you need to succeed. Read the job post carefully and follow all the application instructions provided there.

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Your Education section should briefly detail your academic activities like clubs, athletics, theater, and student government, because they are important indicators of your personality and character. However, there are many rules to writing a Work Experience section , so be sure to read our guide about how to write an achievement oriented resume here. As a college student or recent graduate, you should place the Education section at the beginning of your resume. Beyond that, the length of your section will depend on the amount of work experience that you have.

Are you a college student with no work experience? Take a look at this resume sample on the left, which depicts a recent graduate with no work experience.

By putting those experiences under the magnifying glass, the applicant successfully conveyed her organization skills, charisma, interpersonal ability, and active lifestyle.

Despite having no work experience, a hiring manager would see her as a fine candidate to interview for an entry-level job or internship. You should aim to emulate the above resume sample as much as possible, especially if you were an active student. If you were not as active as this candidate during college , you can still include items like clubs, major group projects from your classwork, or activities you participated in outside of academic life.

Are you a college student with some work experience? We have several resumes on this site that reflect the experiences of college students and recent graduates. Please view these resume samples to get an idea of how you should format your education section. College Education Example 1: Software Engineer College Education Example 3: This applicant kept her Education section to a minimum, because she already had some work experience.

Real work experience is more valuable than the activities you may have managed in an academic setting, like clubs or events. As she earns more professional experience, she should remove them. If you have work experience, your resume should be formatted in the same way. Feel free to list your clubs and activities at your college, but emphasize your work experience more.

For you, writing a successful resume will come down to writing the strongest Work Experience section possible — so be sure to read our guide on how to write an achievement oriented resume. This section for a working professional is very straightforward. Mostly, the section exists as evidence that you have a degree of some sort. It should be placed below the Professional Experience section.

All working professionals should format their Education section in this manner:. Working professionals who have recently been back to school should put their Education at the top. You should do the same, if this rule applies to you. Alternatively, we encourage you to download our free resume templates and start writing your resume on your own.

Skilled with the quick erection and removal of scaffolding and framework for concrete pouring. Can effectively clean spills, prevent hazards, and divert traffic as necessary.

Skilled construction assistant and excellent listener. Follows instructions to the letter and serves as a reliable team member. Experienced with set up and removal of sites, disposal of hazardous materials, and support with heavy equipment including power tools. As you can see, each of the helper resumes in this set contains a summary and also an education section.

Some of the samples insert the education subheading below the work experience section and some list it at the top of the page just under the resume summary. You can place your education section wherever you choose as long as it falls below your summary and contact information.

Again, as illustrated by the helper resume samples in this set, your work experience section can take one of two forms. Each entry will provide the title of the position, the company that you worked for, and the dates that you began and ended the job even if the job was a temporary position that lasted for the duration of just one project. This may be the most important section of your resume for some employers, so make the most of it.

These skills should directly relate to the open position at hand, and also those that may not relate in a way that seems obvious to you. Describe your language skills, your organization skills, and any construction, drawing, drafting, coding, design, or engineering skills you may possess as well.

Read the job post carefully and follow all the application instructions provided there. Hold onto this list and keep it close; after reviewing your resume, your employers may reach out to you and ask you to provide it. Make sure you list only people who can trust to speak accurately about your work. These should be people who have worked with or supervised you in the past at some point.

Review the helper resume samples before you begin drafting your own document, and as you start to write, watch out for these common resume mistakes.

A Lack of Specifics: Too often, candidates cite overly general skills in their resumes instead of getting specific. Try not to use broad descriptive terms like hard working or highly skilled. Instead, emphasize your impeccable attendance record, describe the long hours you put in at your last job, and list your specific talents and skills by name.

Watch out for spelling errors and typos, since even the smallest mistakes can get your resume removed from the running.

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Home > Blog: Resumes > 7 Resume Writing Tips for Your Education Section 7 Resume Writing Tips for Your Education Section Education is usually the most straightforward resume section to write.

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Jun 06,  · Director:Resume Example. An education director supervises school curriculums and teaching standards. In some instances, education directors work on an educational program outside of a school (such as, at businesses and non-profits).5/5(1).

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Here is a list of teacher and other education-related resume examples to use to get ideas for your own resume. The list includes resumes for early childhood education, teaching abroad, and related positions such as camp counselor and librarian. As you can see, each of the helper resumes in this set contains a summary and also an education section. Some of the samples insert the education subheading below the work experience section and some list it at the top of the page just under the resume summary.

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Oct 04,  · How to list education on a resume if you’re still in college, never graduated from college, or did graduate from college. How to write education on a resume as a professional. Also, you will finally figure out where an education section goes on a resume and what to put in it.4/5(76). Resume Genius’ Resume Builder Tool makes it easy to format the Education section, as well as all other sections of your resume. You can use this guide to help you add content to your own section within the builder, and make a powerful resume.