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Word Order in English Sentences

5.1 Word Order

❶From Start to Finish 9.

Transitional Words

Basic Sentence Structures
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For uses beyond those covered by law or the Creative Commons license, permission to reuse should be sought directly from the copyright owner. Learning Objectives Identify the basic structures of sentences. Determine ways to turn sentences into questions.

Define adjectives and how they are used. Basic Sentence Structures The most basic sentence structure in English is a subject plus a verb. Common Prepositions about beside off above between on across by over after during through against except to along for toward among from under around in until at into up before like with behind of without. Exercise 1 Copy the following sentences onto your own sheet of paper and underline the prepositional phrases.

Linda and Javier danced under the stars. Each person has an opinion about the topic. The fans walked through the gates. Jamyra ran around the track. Maria celebrated her birthday in January. Tip A quick way to find the direct object is to ask what? Tip Even though the indirect object is not found after a preposition in English, it can be discovered by asking to whom?

Exercise 2 On a separate sheet of paper, identify the subject, verb, direct object, and indirect object in the following sentences. Captain Kirk told the crew a story. Jermaine gave his girlfriend a dozen yellow tulips.

That hospital offers nurses better pay. Dad served Grandma a delicious dinner. Mom bought herself a new car. Exercise 3 On a separate sheet of paper, rewrite the sentences in the correct order.

The pizza Jeannine burnt. To the Mexican restaurant we had to go for dinner. Jeannine loved the food. So full were we during the walk home. I will make the pizza next time. Questions English speakers rely on the following two common ways to turn sentences into questions: Move the helping verb and add a question mark. Add the verb do , does , or did and add a question mark.

Add the verb do , does , or did , and add a question mark: Exercise 4 On a separate sheet of paper, create questions from the following sentences. Slumdog Millionaire is a film directed by Danny Boyle. The story centers on a character named Jamal Malik. He and his older brother find different ways to escape the slums. His brother, Salim, pursues a life of crime. Jamal ends up on the game show Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? Adjectives An adjective is a kind of descriptive word that describes a noun or a pronoun.

If you are using more than one adjective to describe a noun, place the adjectives in the following order before the noun: Italian cheese, French wine, Chinese tea Material: Tip Adjectives can also be placed at the end of a sentence if they describe the subject of a sentence and appear after the verb.

Exercise 5 On a separate sheet of paper, place the following sets of adjectives in the correct order before the noun. Key Takeaways The most basic sentence structure is a subject plus a verb that expresses a complete thought. Adding a prepositional phrase or a direct or indirect object to a sentence makes it more complex. English speakers change a sentence into a question in one of the following two ways: Adjectives follow a particular order before the noun they describe.

The order is opinion, size, shape, age, color, ethnicity, and material. Writing Application Write a paragraph about a memorable family trip. Introduction to Writing 1. End-of-Chapter Exercises Chapter 2: What Makes a Good Sentence? End-of-Chapter Exercises Chapter 3: End-of-Chapter Exercises Chapter 4: Which Word Is Right?

End-of-Chapter Exercises Chapter 5: Help for English Language Learners 5. End-of-Chapter Exercises Chapter 6: Separating Ideas and Shaping Content 6.

End-of-Chapter Exercises Chapter 7: End-of-Chapter Exercises Chapter 8: How Do I Begin? End-of-Chapter Exercises Chapter 9: From Start to Finish 9. Student Teacher Writer Other. Academic Assignment Writing an Essay. Writing a Research Paper.

Writing Guides for Students Writing a Memoir 2. Creative Writing Guides Writing a Song 3. Writing a Letter Writing an Evaluation Letter 3. Word Order in Positive Sentences The basic rule of English syntax for positive sentences is that between a subject and an object of a sentence there should be a verb or a predicate. Simply put, English sentences have the following basic structure: Word Order in Negative Sentences Word order in negative sentences does not differ too much from the structure of positive sentences; the main difference is that in negative sentences, you also need to use an auxiliary verb depending on the tense.

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In the second how, the word order was in Old English, and the changes that have happened in order to become contemporary English word order; taking into account the word order in other languages (in this case compared to Spanish). This paper will discuss the different processes that change word order in English and some examples of how .

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Word order refers to the conventional arrangement of words in a phrase, clause, or sentence. Compared with many other languages, word order in English is fairly rigid. In particular, the order of subject, verb, and object is relatively inflexible. Word Order in Positive Sentences The basic rule of English syntax for positive sentences is that between a subject and an object of a sentence there should be a verb (or a predicate). Simply put, English sentences have the following basic structure.

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-See if you use questions in your writing. Since questions are uncommon in academic writing, it is better to avoid them and turn them into statements. -To make sure that the word order in embedded statements is correct, look for question words in the middle of the sentences, and check that a question word is followed by a subject and verb (not an . If your first language is not English, you will most likely need some extra help when writing in Standard, or formal, English. New students of Standard English often make similar kinds of errors. Even if you have been speaking English for a long time, you may not feel as confident in your written English skills.