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❶Professional Proofreading service — We will correct grammar, capitalization, punctuation, spelling, verb tense, and sentence structure. Manuscript Proofreading and Query Package Creation.

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Our proofreading services can ‘correct and perfect’ ANY document!

They are based in London and offer their services to academic and business people. They are a non-profit organization who helps those who need help. Although they are non-profit, they do charge a small fee. Dragonfly freelance is a writing, editing and proofreading service that provides editing for authors, proofreading for businesses, and writing services for students who need help with their thesis or dissertation. Words R U is a specialized editing and proofreading service that caters to business people, academics and writers.

If you need something you have written to be edited to perfection, you should check out Words R U. They say they offer the lowest prices out of all of the other editing services on the web today. WebShop is an editing and proofreading service which uses native English speakers only to edit your written documents. They will edit your documents in American English or British English, whichever you prefer or need.

Your finished project will be delivered to you within 6 business days. They also offer a guarantee that if your work needs edited again, it will be done for free or your money will be returned. When it comes to writing anything, it will not be perfect the very first time.

There will be errors and it is always better to have a second set of eyes to be sure everything is alright with your paper, article or even story. This is where Edit Avenue comes in. They will allow you to choose your own editor through a choice of different criteria. Edit is a specialized editing and proofreading service that has experienced editors to work on your written document.

Edit has edited over 21, documents since the year They are a member of the Better Business Bureau with an A rating. We employ professional editors who are subject matter experts, offer genuine affordability, and can accommodate short turnarounds at no extra cost. Over the last five years we have become one of the most popular proofreading services in the United States.

We employ professional proofreaders and editors from the United States, the United Kingdom, and Australia. We are meticulous when it comes to editor requirement and all our editors have:. With a large team of experienced editors, we can edit or proofread all types of academic, book, and business documents.

Although we only employ experienced proofreaders and editors, we keep our proofreading rates low by being a flexible and exclusively online business. Check out the Price Calculator on our Prices page and confirm for yourself the genuine affordability of our proofreading and editing services. Do you require a short turnaround for your proofreading and do not want to be charged an exorbitant surcharge?

Unlike most other proofreading companies, we do not charge extra for short turnarounds. With us, the price for our services remains the same regardless of the turnaround. We have a large team of editors and can meet any reasonable request. Therefore, we have developed a set of confidentiality procedures to help guarantee client confidentiality.

On request, we can even sign a nondisclosure agreement. Editing involves an editor improving the quality of language and expression, including the style, clarity, organization, word choice and tone of your writing.

However, you require a meticulous editor to correct surface errors, such as grammar, spelling and punctuation mistakes. English as a Second Language ESL writers tend to benefit much more from editing services as opposed to proofreading.

A document intended for distribution or publication — whether a thesis, dissertation, book or business document — must communicate its message in the clearest possible way. A professional proofreader is far more capable than a lay person in ensuring that your writing is clear, correct and free from error.

Our proofreaders are trained to locate and correct errors in written work and to enhance the quality of the documents that they review.

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Professional English editing and proofreading services available 24/7.

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The world leader in online proofreading and editing services. Our professional team has revised documents for +5, clients in +90 countries.

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PRS provides wide-ranging proofreading & editing services for the authors of academic & scientific papers for publication & examination in all study fields. Our academic & scientific proofreaders & editors are highly educated in many different subject areas and carefully trained in perfecting research-based documents. Online Editing and proofreading services for Academics, Businesses, Authors and Job Applicants. Fast, affordable, 24/7 and best quality.

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Get proofreading services from our expert editors that will help add the final polish with revisions that are true to your voice and tone. Top 5 reliable and popular proofreading services among businessmen, students and bloggers. User experience in using editing services.