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❶I sent my new resume out to 5 companies here in the midcoast area, and I have 3 interviews already lined up.

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Finally, try to avoid listing too many duties. The employer does not need to know every detail of a job if it does not relate to the position for which you are applying.

You need to decide which, if any, of the following additional categories you will include on your resume. Imagine every inch of your resume as incredibly valuable advertising space. You do not want to litter your resume with information that does not relate to the position for which you are applying. When deciding to include each category, ask yourself:. Is this category applicable to me and my experience? Is this category relevant to the position for which I am applying?

The job objective tells the employer the exact job title for which you are applying. We generally do not recommend including an objective unless you are applying to a large organization and there are many similar positions available. Located at the top of the resume after your name and contact information, this is a three to five line, bulleted summary of your most pertinent experience, qualifications, and attributes that is customized for the position in which you are applying.

If you have difficulty with self-promotion, a good way to brainstorm for this section is to think about how your best friend would describe you and your greatest professional accomplishments.

List academic honors and other awards under the Education section or as a separate category. Information in this category could include affiliation with national academic honoraries and scholarships. If you have class projects that directly relate to your career objective, include a discussion of these projects as part of the Education category or as a separate category.

As in the Experience section, you may wish to include bulleted highlights of your accomplishments using action verbs. List your computer skills either in a separate category or discuss them in the Experience section. If you are seeking a position which requires extensive computer knowledge, categorize within this section and list your programming languages, systems, and software knowledge separately. If you are fluent, proficient, or have a basic understanding of languages other than English, include this information on your resume.

Also include your level of ability. You may also choose to have a general Skills category that includes both computer and language skills. Your community or school organizational involvement may be relevant to the position. Depending on the relevance, you could simply list these activities or describe the activities with the same level of detail that you'd describe paid work experience.

Most Career Counselors now discourage including interests unless the interests are highly relevant to the position for which you are applying and have not been conveyed elsewhere in the resume. If you do choose to include them, be specific. For example, it is better to specifically list the sports you are interested in e.

If sending a physical copy by mail, you should: You can also make an appointment with a Career Counselor or Academic Adviser for individualized feedback on your resume. Call to schedule an appointment. Utility Navigation Quick Menu I want to Search Portland State Enter the terms you wish to search for. What is a resume? What is a curriculum vitae CV?

Use 9 to 12 point font. Keep in mind that different fonts are easily readable at different sizes. Leave an adequate amount of white space between sections. Use all uppercase letters to indicate section headings; use bold letters to highlight subcategories or important key information such as job titles. Be consistent with formatting e. Use present tense to describe current and ongoing experience i. Assist physical therapists with direct patient care. Use past tense to describe past experience i.

In fact, there are sectors where older workers are preferred. Louis suggests parents are superior performers. This proved true even considering productivity dips while the women were raising toddlers. Motherhood hones skills in time management, multi-tasking, prioritizing, and succeeding while sleep deprived.

It takes patience, grit, and flexibility; but yes, there are jobs. If you research job hunting, you will see a lot of references to technology: The truth about resumes and job searches is that everything comes down to words. Everything comes down to words. The best tool is not technology, shellac or shimmer; the best tool is honed, accurate, grammatical, clean writing.

Because of some unimaginative arsonists, our office building is in long-term rehab, but e-mail and phone remain in peak function! She was the first woman offered a sales job in the New York City regional office of a major insurance company.

Months after she started working there, she was talking with a veteran sales rep there. Preparing to answer, she wondered … was it her experience, her education, or an affirmative action quota? She excused herself, got up and closed the door. Her career hinged on that one decision. To finally get her foot in the door, she had first to shut it. Make it EASY for an employer there to bring you in. Communicate with people who live there.

Todd is a very thoughtful and professional resume writer. He goes the extra mile to make sure you are set up for success. Laurie became my go-to editor for helping me with the Track Changes my publisher requested for my forthcoming memoir, "Self-Made Woman. I would recommend any writer out there who needs an editor, to bring Laurie on-board! I had a phone consult at 8am with one of their writers and got the resume and cover letter early that afternoon. Really helped highlight my skillsets on paper.

Eric Brown is an insightful, talented and creative editor. He not only professionally edited and proofed the text of my trade article, but did research on the subject matter and geography to better inform his suggestions.

His work transformed the article into a savvy, informative, and inspiring journey that garnered many positive reviews of my work.

I can't recommend his services highly enough! Ann Ludington has provided service on a variety of projects. One being a profile writer and editor, the other as a fantastic photographer. I highly recommend Ann and will continue to use her services. I'm very creative, with a great sense of humor, which definitely shows in the work I produce. I love helping people find exciting ways to express their ideas and will work tirelessly to help my clients find their unique voice.

I have been writing freelance for almost 5 years. I write resumes, blogs, web content, academic writing, creative writing and more. My specialty is being flexible with what the client wants written.

I have excellent spelling, grammar, and punctuation skills and can write and produce a beautiful resume. Office work and organization is another specialty of mine.


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