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❶I keep getting cut off and referred to the internet.

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In the description under the second result, "About speculative execution vulnerabilities in ARM-based and Intel CPUs," I noticed text that suggested it had the correct information — to keep my system updated — which was indeed found on that page.

My answer for reversing Safari's new rule for blocking autoplaying came to me in a slightly roundabout way. After searching for "videos in safari aren't autoplaying," I only got results about disabling videos from autoplaying. But clicking on the "Stop autoplay videos" result brought me to a page where I saw a link that said "Customize browsing settings per website," which revealed how to change the autoplay settings for specific websites. To test Apple's live-chat support, I submitted a question about modifying Siri's voice.

I received a wait-time estimate of 5 minutes, and after 7 minutes, I was speaking with a rep named Zann. First, Zann walked me through the steps of checking my system version and confirming my device, and then gave me the correct set of steps to find Siri's preferences.

When it comes to our digital lives, many of us still spend our days primarily on social media. Therefore, it makes sense that Apple decided in , years after competitors did to make a Twitter account — AppleSupport — to take tech-support questions. Though many computer-makers also have Facebook-based operations, Apple has opted not to.

When I tweeted — from my secret social-media account used to hide my identity as a reporter — for help about Spectre and Meltdown, Apple responded a short 10 minutes later. The company also included the correct information update macOS on your Mac, and you're OK , along with a link to documentation on Apple's site that explained the situation in greater detail.

Apple's phone-based tech support provided accurate answers in a speedy process, though I encountered an odd bug during my testing. Apple's phone support number isn't highly visible on the company's site, so most people will find themselves navigating to http: Unfortunately, on my first day of testing, I ran into a bug that nearly prevented me from arranging calls. At first, it just seemed like a mistake; on the page where you enter your name, email address and phone number, the last field didn't have the words "phone number," though all the others were properly labeled.

Ignoring this, I filled in my information. But then, I got an error reading, "We're unable to schedule your call. Please try again or choose a different solution. Starting over again, multiple times, I kept getting the same result, until without any real indicator of why everything worked properly. The words "phone number" finally appeared above that field, and the form also automatically formatted my number in the style and allowed me to receive the calls. This error came up during my first two calls, but not my third.

The first time I used the Apple site to schedule a call, 4 minutes passed between the call beginning and an adviser joining me on the line. In that time, I tapped "1" to opt for pop music; the Apple support line is like its own iPod, where you get to pick your waiting music of choice or opt to wait in silence. Natasha quickly walked me through the steps for checking my operating-system version and looking for system updates, which she said proved that my system was safe against Spectre and Meltdown.

She then explained that applying updates from Apple was how to keep my system safe. I was off the line by 1: For my second call, I asked about Siri. I opted for waiting music of my choice at 3: John, a friendly and to-the-point representative, pulled up the relevant article and walked me through the steps by 3: He even emailed me a link to the related support page so I could have those steps handy in the future.

The only time Apple Support didn't have the answer at the ready was when I called to ask about autoplaying video. The call was set up at 9: After we joked over our equally poor weather, she attempted to connect to my system remotely but could not do so likely because of our office firewall.

Then, Tonya asked me if she could place me on hold while she went to look for an answer to my question. The call concluded at 9: On average, Apple's calls took 10 minutes and 40 seconds from start to finish, which is 4. Apple offers 90 days of complimentary telephone technical support. Don't be afraid to contact Apple if your day window has closed, though, as my MacBook Air was purchased much more than 90 days before I made these calls.

However, I was never asked to pay. But don't take my good fortune as a reason to skip the purchase of AppleCare, which is valuable in case of needed repairs. Although Apple's calls took a little longer to complete this year — because of one answer that took a while to find — the company still batted a thousand, with correct answers for every question. Further, its technicians continued a long-standing tradition from Apple, marrying that accuracy with the power of positivity.

We don't know why the support. If Apple wants an even better score next year, we'd suggest its agents find footing on Facebook, and make sure its employees know all the ins and outs of its latest features so that callers aren't put on hold while techs investigate. Still, though, Apple's support division paints the picture-perfect image of customer service, giving its competition something to aspire to.

Brought a mac air laptop with extended warranty new buy a mac again wrost policy's in the service department I had to ever deal with never again mac. A few days ago I spoke to an Apple customer service rep about getting an adapter.

I first went on line to see which one I needed, wasn't sure so I asked for professional help. After twenty minutes, after being on hold for about fifteen minutes, I spoke to someone who didn't seem to have a clue. She put me on hold and then got back on the line to tell me which adapter would work. I needed an adapter for my older printer, so one end had to fit into the back of my new Mac and the other fit the printer plug. The adapter arrived today and it was too small at the computer end.

I called Apple back. To make a long story short, I spoke to five people - all of them useless. I was wondering if I was speaking Klingon because nobody seemed to understand that I needed the adapter to plug into the back of my computer and that the other end did fit my printer. They kept assuming that the printer end was the problem. I was passed on to a supervisor who was just as clueless.

I was then passed on to someone who was to source the right sized adapter for me and she was the worst of the lot. I can't understand how a company that makes my computer has no idea which adapter I would need for it and after five people, finally one of them realizes that Apple doesn't make them.

I got all my other adapters at The Source and they fit perfectly, unfortunately they no longer carry this product. The worst customer service ever and not once did anyone say to me to return this item because I was recommended the wrong size. Not once did anyone offer a refund. I sent the stupid thing back this evening with a note for them to 'stick it where the sun don't shine. Apparently Apple owns this blog page because is certainly doesn't portray the truth about Apple customer service.

I bought my first and last apple product a year ago an IPad Air 2. I had a variety of issues with shutting down instantly, the power cord failed after six months, I was told I had to buy a new printer if I wanted to print using the IPad. Customer service was useless each time I called which was many. I believe Apple deletes most negative reviews from the web and portrays a false perception that Ipads are prefect and loved by everyone.

Still on the phone again waiting for over another 30 Mins on for another representative. To the Apple rep here. Worked in IT and hated my monthly rotation when I tested as a cust.

It is stressful and I agree - be prepared to wait or have Apple call back. When I was looking for a job, I considered cust. But I'm a user and this is different. We're paying a lot more for an Apple. That includes the extra money we pay for cust. We're not getting what we paid for. I also understand there are so many variations of sw upgrades and peripheral devices. Not everything is tested or known. But again, we pay more for support and we're not getting it. Best of luck to you. I'm glad you commented and I agree - a wait time complaint seems silly.

Bought Apple because they don't GPF Windows OS did , they're not as prone to hacking, it was a better built and supported pc over so many Windows-based brands, and support was in the States. BUT, they never resolve my problems.

It IS a sw problem! Once, in seven years, my spouse got a rep. Otherwise, don't count on good support other than a rep. So I totally agree with Cristina. Support is bad - not just "not that knowledgeable. One of the worst customer services experiences ever! I dread having to call Apple with any issues! Navigating through their website is horrible, their customer service reps are not that knowledgeable I could go on.

I had occasion to use customer support this week after my family gifted me with an IPad. I had difficulty with accessing after setting it up. I didn't catch the gentleman's name but I found his explanations way too fast and his tone arrogant, despite my telling him I was a senior and needed patience.

I sat through a lengthy discourse on the difference between a password and a postcode, and I remained locked out. Best time to dial. Navigate phone maze to a human. Rank among phone numbers. Tue Sep 11 This phone number is iTunes's Best Phone Number because , customers like you used this contact information over the last 18 months and gave us feedback. Common problems addressed by the customer care unit that answers calls to include Technical Support, Refund A Purchase, Service and Download Issues, Billing or Subscription Issue, Order Issue and other customer service issues.

In total, iTunes has 3 phone numbers. It's not always clear what is the best way to talk to iTunes representatives, so we started compiling this information built from suggestions from the customer community. Please keep sharing your experiences so we can continue to improve this free resource. Contacting iTunes - by phone or otherwise While is iTunes's best toll-free number, there are 5 total ways to get in touch with them. The next best way to talk to their customer support team, according to other iTunes customers, is by calling their phone number for their AppleCare department.

Besides calling, the next favorite option for customers looking for help is via itunesstoresupport apple. If you think this information is inaccurate or know of other ways to contact iTunes please let us know so we can share with other customers.

Wherein we finally locate a customer-service telephone number.

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Apple Canada Customer Care Phone Number. Phone Number of Apple Canada is / /() Apple earlier known as Apple Computer Inc. is an American-based Worldwide Organization having its Head office stiuated in Cupertino, California, United States America.

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Visit our Apple Consultants Network page to find a consultant in the U.S. or Canada. Find Authorized Training Providers. Contact Apple Support. Need service or support? Start your request online and we’ll find you a solution. More Ways to Get Help: U.S. iPod. Apple Canada Customer Service Number, Toll Free Helpline Number – office address, helpline phone number, email id, website, contact number, toll free helpline phone and customer support number is listed this page, you can also get Apple Canada customer service center, headquarters HQ, postal and mailing office address and contact details.

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The United States and Canada. United States iPhone MY-IPHONE Accessibility and assistive technology App Store, iTunes Store, and iBooks Store billing and help Contact Apple Support. Apple Pay Cash and person to person payments This phone number is only accessible from dialing within. Apple Canada Customer Care number, Toll Free helpline Number Apple Canada Average: 0 (0 votes) For the convenience of its customers, Apple Canada shares customer care email, mobile numbers of customer care and customer care toll free numbers.