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Native American Culture Essay Topics

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❶Additionally, the theme of lifestyle in Hispanic culture is well illustrated in the mode of learning in this culture.

Tribal Life

Preserving a Way of Life
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The hoop drums were used in different kinds of rituals and other ceremonies. They vary in diameter and are held in the hands. They produce different kinds of tunes depending on the diameters. Those that are big produce a deep voice compared to the smaller ones. These drums are normally made up of different kinds of materials such as skin and hides. They are painted in patterns using different colors Godbole, Para 3.

Shamanic drums are mostly used as tools used to connect with spirits. This practice is known as shamanism and it is a certain kind of ritual.

There are different tribes that practiced shamanism such as Lakota tribe which is found in the North America. It helps in connecting these people to a completely different world when they are in a good state of mind.

These drums are used during a number of performances and rituals Godbole, Para 4. Native Languages of the Americans website The powwow drum is a special kind of drum used for a specific type of ritual known as the powwow. The powwow is a well known event among the Native Americans. This event involves a group of people who are involved in drumming. It is a drum which is bigger in size and requires a group of people to play it usually 8 men Godbole Para 5.

They were made from hollow logs of wood which were struck using poles and this was followed by resonance from these drums. The Tom Tom drums were small drums which were easily held by the hands. They are longer and narrower in design. Contrary to other types of drums, the hands are used to play the Tom Tom drums Godbole Para 6.

On the other hand, water drums are made of wood and filled with water. The water drums occur in two different types namely; Iroqusi and Yaqui. There are other types of drums such as Tarahumara, apache drums and Lakota.

These are, however, less popular than those mentioned above. Every music in the Native American culture had to be accompanied with a drum. This is due to the fact that the people believed that this was the only way to reach the spirits hence the only way to communicate with the gods Godbole, Para 7.

Native Languages of the Americans website Tribes and Traditions The Native Americans consisted of different tribes each with unique types of traditions and cultures. Some of these tribes include Sarasi, Ute, Kiowa, Hidutsa among others. Each tribe had its own form of rituals and activities. Clay and stone huts were spread among the inhabitants of the mountainous regions of South America. In the north-west of North America Indians lived in communal plank houses. In the Great Lakes there were predominantly long frame houses covered with bark.

In the south-western part of the North America tribes settled in stone or adobe houses. Indian statues and carvings on wood are not only enjoyed by the tourists that come to the reservation, but are the work of the highest class.

In general, Native Americans are very successful in flesh trade. Particularly, rich legacy was left by the tribes that were living in the north-west coast of North America. Famous worldwide boat "canoe" is a world leader for correlation of ease and capacity. A polychrome totem poles and gravestones with interlacing of real and fantastic images are causing delight and excitement at the same time.

There were also widely distributed braiding, weaving, embroidery, production of the jewelry that was made of feathers, ceramic and wooden utensils and more.

In addition to fantastic graphics, hunting and war scenes, geometric designs were also often featured in the paintings. However, the indigenous people of Mexico, Bolivia, Peru, Colombia and Ecuador saved the folk art to modern times.

Without a doubt, the conquerors who arrived to America, borrowed a lot of useful knowledge from the indigenous population. The Indians showed them how to grow corn, maize, potato, sunflower, cassava, cocoa, cotton, tobacco, peppers, beans, peanuts, agave and other crops.

This helped the newly arrived settlers to survive, because most of them could not grow accustomed vegetables and cereals. In the first year of the famine many Europeans died. In addition, the spread of potato in Eurasia also helped many families not to die of starvation. Even the northern mountain regions, where the harvest was either very small or absented because of the weather conditions, could feed themselves. Later, corn became the profitable fodder too. Indians bred animals, including domestic turkeys, musk ducks and guinea pigs, which are now popular all over the world.

They received the wool from llamas and alpacas, and domesticated some dog breeds. Some of these breeds disappeared, but others continue to be cultivated in different countries even today. Indians have tamed even macaws, which as known, have difficult character. Traces of Indian heritage can be found throughout the America. First Americans taught Europeans to build canoes, snowshoes and moccasins. As known, it was invented by the native population.

Products of Indian crafts, such as ceramics, silver jewelry, paintings, and woven carpets are much appreciated today. The ancient people of the America have developed in almost complete isolation from the rest of the world and, for this reason, reached relatively small technical discoveries. However, they have created a civilization with huge cities and have achieved outstanding success in the arts and sciences.

Military clash between "white" culture and the Indians resulted in extermination and the displacement of indigenous peoples from their lands.

Today the last North American Indians, prisoners on the reservation, consist of only 0. Native Americans are the citizens of the United States who are proud of the fact that they are Americans. However, they are no less proud of their own cultural heritage and are constantly trying to protect and preserve it.

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Find a degree that fits your goals. Try it risk-free for 30 days. Heather Jenkins Heather has a bachelor's degree in elementary education and a master's degree in special education. Add to Add to Add to. Want to watch this again later? Native American tribes in the United States have been struggling to preserve their vibrant culture for years. Use these essay topics to help students understand Native American culture and its importance in history.

Preserving a Way of Life As the United States grew and developed, Native American tribes lost a lot of their land, but they refused to lose their culture. Tribal Life Choose a Native American tribe and discuss how it functions as a society. While composing your answer, consider the following: What are the laws or traditions of the tribe?

Who is in charge of the tribe? How are tribal decisions made? What are the consequences for breaking tribal laws or traditions? Sachems and chiefs governed many tribes that belonged to the original Five Nations. Describe the roles of the sachem and chief in Native American tribes. How were these two positions alike and different? How were people selected for these leadership positions? The historical roles of men and women vary from tribe to tribe. Compare and contrast matrilineal and patrilineal tribes.

Spirituality and religion are very important in Native American culture. Describe how a tribe's spiritual or religious beliefs may influence how members make decisions on important matters.

How has tribal life changed since Native Americans were moved onto reservations and integrated into American society? How has the Native American community responded to these changes? Art and Music Describe the various forms of art in Native American culture. Be sure to include examples of functional art, such as pottery and baskets, and wearable art, such as jewelry and beaded clothing.

Choose two different Native American tribes. Compare and contrast the artwork and music of each tribe. Native American tribes live in different environments. Discuss how different tribal environments and availability of materials impact the types of artwork they produce.

Describe the characteristics of Native American music, including its use in religious and cultural ceremonies. Discuss the instruments commonly used in tribal music. Try it risk-free No obligation, cancel anytime. Want to learn more? Select a subject to preview related courses:

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Native North American Culture and Its Demise - A topic specifically examined in Chapter 4 in section is the conflict between the European colonizers and the indigenous people of the lands they conquered.

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Essay on Native American Culture This unit is an introduction to several aspects of Native American culture, for grades second through fifth. In this unit the class will learn about Native Americans way of life through the books selected. America has been described as one of the richest cultural regions. According to Ramos (), “perhaps no other group of people has quite the rich and storied.

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Native American Culture essay writing service, custom Native American Culture papers, term papers, free Native American Culture samples, research papers, help. Native American tribes in the United States have been struggling to preserve their vibrant culture for years. Use these essay topics to help.