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All Revere students are welcome to come to Homework Help Club however, the program may not be able to offer assistance with Geometry at this time — check with Ms Uchida. Skip to Main Content.

Special Education Fiser, Eric: Adaptive PE Gilmore, Charmaine: If you have any questions please leave a message and phone number for Ms Uchida, If you are having trouble viewing the document, you may download the document. This year Revere will have late buses for students participating in an organized after school program Homework Help Club or P. The buses are scheduled to depart Revere at 4: The first day of late buses is Monday, September The late buses are only for students that take the school bus to and from Revere.

Students will need a late bus pass issued from the supervising teacher in addition to their regular bus pass to board the late bus. The late buses will drop off at all regularly assigned stops. In an effort to improve and maintain student safety, any students that stay after school on Tuesdays and Thursdays must report to the gym and check in with the staff by 2: Any student that arrives after 2: How much time should my child spend on homework?

Many teachers use the general guideline of 10 minutes per grade 10 minutes for first grade, 20 for second, etc.

Researchers find that average students will have approximately minutes per day of homework in grades one through three, and minutes per day in grades four through six Zeith, T. Of course, homework time can vary greatly depending on the teacher even within the same grade level , grade level and individual student. It is important to note that there can be wide variability within a classroom for the time it takes each student to complete the same assignment.

What takes one child 20 minutes may take another child an hour. What can I do to support my children with their homework? The ultimate goal is to get children to do their work independently; however, this is a behavior that takes time to be developed. As parents, your role is to nurture this skill by encouraging your children from the first time they receive homework or as early as possible.

Following are suggestions you may wish to employ:. Natural consequences, such as grades, are sufficient motivators for some children, but not for others. Some children may need extra support and incentives, in addition to verbal praise, to maintain momentum with their homework. It is important to keep in mind that what motivates one child may not motivate another. Be sure to choose incentives that are meaningful to your child.

Incentives also need to be reasonable; therefore, do not offer a reward unless you are certain you can provide it. Explicitly state what the child needs to accomplish to earn a specific pre-determined reward.

Once your child is working independently, phase out the rewards but always continue with verbal praise and encouragement. Additional strategies that may be helpful when homework time becomes a battle include the following:.

Lastly, teach your children that once their homework is completed, it needs to be put away and ready for the next day. It should be in the appropriate folder or binder, packed up, in the backpack, near the door and ready to grab in the morning.

Be sure to include all necessary materials for a successful school day including any eye glasses, special projects or supplies, homework planner and school books. Where do I go if I have questions or concerns? Many teachers provide weekly newsletters with information about upcoming assignments or tests. Some teachers have their own Web sites that you can access and often provide links to additional Web sites that may be helpful.

Have your child exchange phone numbers with a classmate so there is someone to call if your child has a question during the evening or on a weekend. You should also contact the teacher if your child has a habit of not bringing home necessary materials, does not know what to do, or does a poor job and has many errors on the homework.

The teacher is your partner in educating your child and will often have very simple and practical suggestions that may alleviate homework difficulties.

Teachers welcome parent support and will work with you to help your child be successful and have a great learning day, at school and at home. Additional Resources for more information: The National Association of School Psychologists. Download a copy of this article here.

Create a game plan At the start of each homework session, come up with a game plan: Have your child refer to their assignment calendar or homework packet to see what needs to be done. Figure out what books and supplies are needed.

Prioritize and pick the order of the assignments. It may be helpful to begin and end with easier assignments, and sandwich difficult assignments in the middle. Build in short breaks minutes if the homework session is expected to be lengthy or you know your child has difficulty sustaining attention.

Focus on teaching, not paperwork.

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