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Your Most Valuable Possession

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❶It's takes quite a distinctive direction for this specific exercise on one's prized possession. To keep good health, no money is needed.

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And the term valuable, is normally used with relation to monetary exchange or at least to convey great importance. Perhaps the answer would be easier if I had purchased a few thousand shares of Microsoft stock when Bill Gates was getting started or created a more robust investment portfolio. On further reflection, the answer to this question became self evident.

In fact, the mere act of asking the question was a clue. My most valuable possession, without a doubt, is my education. Each holder of such a document started a long and convoluted journey and finished what he or she started.

They had to delay gratification, suspend disbelief and trudge through all the obstacles to complete the maze according to the rules of the institution that grants them accreditation. Granted, some schools are easier to get through than others. But, any completed college experience says something good about the degree holder, no matter what their GPA or caliber of school.

Potential employers know this, but the graduate carries the confidence of achievement with them as well. I am blessed to have two degrees supporting me. Both are in the same area — Organizational Communication. In school I was most fascinated studying how people talk to each other, and particularly how they talked to each other in a work setting with a shared business goal in mind. I had no idea how this form of focused inquiry would make me any money. I tried unsuccessfully to find a more market-friendly area in which to specialize, but in the end, I wound up being a generalist with a pair of liberal arts degrees.

How could I have ever known that I would one day create a business where this would be my primary focus? And, of course, I have supplemented that with lots of reading, writing and self-study. This ability to think and write and speak that I worked so hard to develop in school is how I make my living today in the same way my brother, Ken, uses the diplomas he earned becoming a periodontist as the foundation of his dental specialty practice.

I was fortunate enough to get my formal college education quickly and immediately after high school. Many, particularly those who got an early start on their families, had to juggle work and school for much longer periods. Some even had to make the challenging leap from Non-Exempt to Exempt once they obtained their degrees because they opted to stay with their same companies. My good friend Nick obtained three degrees at night while working full time. He went from being a ditch digger to become Sr.

Vice President of Operations for an international chemical company. Imagine the pride and confidence it gives you from achieving such a feat.

What could you possibly ask Nick to do that would require greater effort or perseverance than that? Unlike a car that depreciates or a piece of jewelry that can get lost, education is one possession that keeps on giving. When I picked her up for the last time, she noticed a Livestrong bracelet on my wrist. Shyly, she asked if she could have it.

I slid it off and handed it to her. It was huge on her wrist. She had to hold her hand open to keep it on. Then she explained she did not want me to just give it to her, so she unwrapped a black hair band, handed it to me, and said it was a trade. During these last two years, the only physical impact Irma's hair band has made on my life is a thin tan line around my wrist. It is not a huge fashion statement; to everybody else, it means nothing.

But it means the world to me. Every time I look at my wrist I think of Irma. Irma did not come from the best background; she lacked the opportunities most Americans enjoy, yet every time I saw her she was smiling and playing. She had to take care of her younger brother on a playground full of kids also from difficult backgrounds. She had every reason to be bitter about her life, but I never saw anyone so full of joy and life.

The girl who I was supposed to be serving blessed my life more than anything I could have done for her. My most prized possession means the world to me, not because it makes me look cool or helps me be more popular, but because I cherish the memories and relationships it symbolizes. Anyone who says winning isn't everything, Has won nothing. After that, fear has no power, and the fear of freedom shrinks and vanishes.

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Most Prized Possession. Anyone values something. Be it an object or someone, he or she will have them as their most prized possession. For you, what is your most prized possession? This essay will discuss what a prized possession is, what are common prized possession, and my personal prized possession.

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Of all my most prized possessions, the one that is the most important to me is my cat, Skeeter. Skeeter is orange, white long-haired and very skinny. He walks like a panther and cries like a little kitten.

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My family is indeed my most prized possession and in this article I will explain why I esteem my family so highly. First of all, my siblings are among the closest friends that I have. This is not a common feat and my other friends also find it hard to talk to their siblings about personal things. When people hear the word possession they automatically think of an object belonging to one. However, it is often forgotten that a possession isn’t always just a physical material but can be anything from a trait to a physical attribute. We will write a custom essay sample on My most prized possesion specifically for you. for only $

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My most prized I try to decide what it is there is only one thing I can think of and as cliché as it is, it’s not a thing. My family and friends are the thing I hold most dear in the world. To everyone else, my most prized possession is nothing more than a rubber band used to secure a ponytail. My sister has dozens of them in every color imaginable strewn about the house. This small black hair band, however, has not left my wrist for two years. It cost no more than three cents; they are sold in packs of 50 at any dollar store.