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Research paper on serial killers
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This is understood when researchers are proposing certain theories in their predictions as to why individuals perform the acts that they do. It is important to note that the theory is more compatible with the understanding of serial killers than it is not.

Literature has exhibited that characteristics associated with the theory are more in line with the development of the personality of the serial killer potentially guiding the light toward more sociological comprehension of what makes the serial killer tick. Sociologists have also studied the social positions of serial killers.

Exploration into this topic has yield enlightening perceptions about deviance and identity in the serial killer. A specific theory here is the communication theory of identity which provides a thorough understanding of the identities of serial killers within the framework of society. It draws attention to how serial killers manage their identities.

When examining deviance and the communication theory of identity, sociologists are able to state that deviance is often related to serial killers.

Deviance is a major representation of the identity and the interpretation of that identity. Qualitative research regarding serial killings does not tend to address serial killers but more so is a presentation of the types of identities of serial killers. It more so seeks to investigate the identity of the serial killer in society.

A growing body of literature has explored the topic of serial killers and sought to further try and identity how that individual manages themselves in society. Lagrange and Milburn denote that one's identity is developed over the course of one's life. Social roles and memberships to certain groups are also highlighted as giving meaning and prominence to one's identity.

The complex nature of identity is what connects the world of sociology and psychology. Communication theory of identity then identifies that identity is the byproduct of communication Henson and Olsen.

In other words, through communicating with people in society; individual identities are formed and created. Serial killers have frequently been categorized by law enforcement as being either organized or disorganized. Organized killers typically plan their kills in advance, while disorganized killers lack the strategic impulses to plan their kills and are less choicy about their victims and the characteristics that they should embody.

The distinction between the organized and disorganized killer is noted as one of geography as organized killers are harder to catch. Their spatial behavior changes accordingly: Law enforcement has tried to develop certain techniques to catch organized killers using sociological research. It is essential that serial killers be understood within the larger framework of societal relations.

Society in essence manufactures, enables and constrains their mental state as research has suggested. Although there are a variety of theories that exist on the subject and even larger generalizations that have been made to better apprehend the mind of the serial killer, it is demonstrably evident that they live and kill within varying sets of social conditions.

Criminology has emphasized that serial killers are the outliers of society and their strategies are born out of this. Serial killers are the distant natives of the society that they are a part of. Inside The Mind of Serial Killer.

Warf, Barney, and Cynthia Waddell. The Sinister Landscapes of Serial Killers. Ultius Blog, 24 Mar. Click here for more help with MLA citations. Research Paper on Serial Killers. Click here for more help with APA citations. Click here for more help with CMS citations. Click here for more help with Turabian citations. Ultius is the trusted provider of content solutions and matches customers with highly qualified writers for sample writing, academic editing, and business writing.

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Core offerings Browse by service type Start your search By selecting a service type. Research Paper on Serial Killers Ultius. Copied to clipboard Click here for more help with MLA citations. Copied to clipboard Click here for more help with APA citations. Copied to clipboard Click here for more help with CMS citations.

Copied to clipboard Click here for more help with Turabian citations. The Zodiac had struck Wark. This was a man's first murder in a string of murders, estimated at somewhere between eight and forty-nine kills "Zodiac Killer".

A serial killer was born. A serial killer is a person who has a history of multiple slayings of individuals, usually unknown to them beforehand, over a long period of time "Serial Killer".

This definition may not inspire any thoughts, but one must realize that at any given time, between twenty and five hundred serial killers are active in the United States, killing up to three thousand people a year Burns. With a danger like that prowling anywhere one may be, one might have a sudden sense of fear. To catch the killers, one must be able to discover why it is that these people kill.

One must delve into their pasts and break down their personalities to find their driving force. Serial killers come in many shapes and forms and can be broken down again and again into types of killers, but they all kill for one underlying reason: Serial killers are complex.

Contrary to popular belief, they are not insane "Serial Killer". McCrary, a man who spent most of his career investigating serial killings, said, "The reality is they are not crazy, the are not insane in the terms of being legally sane. They understand very well that what they are doing is wrong, but they do it anyway and they try very hard to get away with it" qtd.

However, the killers are classified as sociopathic. A sociopath is defined as a person with a clear perception of reality except for the individual perception of social and moral obligations. A sociopath is characterized by a pursuit of immediate gratification in criminal acts, drug addiction, or sexual perversion "Serial Killer". It would seem that a person with these traits would be easily identifiable, yet such a person remains nearly indistinguishable from an average person.

As McCrary said, "There is no one profile of a serial murderer" qtd. Nothing necessarily will give all of them away.

The killers normally wear a mask of a different personality. Ted Bundy even commented on how well a sociopath may hide when he told an interviewer, "We are your sons, and we are your husbands and we grew up in regular families" qtd. Every serial killer ever identified was regularly abused as a child, be it physically, sexually, psychologically, or a combination there of "Serial Killer. The primary caretakers of the young killers, whether they are the parents, grandparents, or legal guardians, are essentially "bad" at their jobs.

They leave the children unprotected from the world. The caretakers either change jobs or locations often, leaving the children with a sense of insecurity and having no real home. They are expected to act as adults when they are as young as five years old. The discipline and punishment they receive is hostile, abusive, and very inconsistent, which creates a distorted set of morals within the children Genesis.

The young murderers are sexually abused either by a family member or family friend in nearly every case known. It has been discovered that this is actually one of the most important factors in the development of the serial killer. The abuse gives the children a feeling of being used and dominated, which in turn creates aggressive tendencies.

An excellent example is Clifford Olson. As a child, Clifford Olson started off fairly normal. However, his uncle sodomized him habitually. Olson became introverted and socially unaccepted, and later in his life he went on to murder eight young girls and three young boys before he was caught Genesis.

The children are never able to bond with their parents. They simply lack the emotional depth to hold a meaningful relationship with them. Before long, they gain a tendency to despise either one or both of the parents and do whatever they can to lower the quality of life for them. This inability to bond and hold relationships causes the young killers to become isolated, and this isolation grows with them throughout life. They use aggression to seek acceptance and dominance, often failing and therefore becoming more isolated in a vicious cycle of frustration and angst Genesis.

Mentally, the children have a difficult time developing. Often, along the ways of destruction and creating, the killer's never gain any more than a child's perception. And as Sigmund Freud once said, "A child would destroy the world if it had the power" qtd. As adolescents, fantasy takes the place of reality in the minds of serial killers "Evaluating a Psychological Profile".

The ability to distinguish between what is real and true and what is not comes and goes at this point in their life. The youths become constant liars, telling people what they perceive, not what may have happened. They daydream nearly constantly Genesis. Although they tend to be clever, their lies and daydreams cause them to fail or simply scrape by in school. This mindset leads the youths to become aroused by what is generally considered "disagreeable material" as teenagers "Serial Killer".

Hardcore pornography, bloody scenes of violence and gore, and bestiality all sexually excite the young killers. At least one of the three symptoms of the Triad is shown in serial killers as adolescents. For thousands of years Philosophers have debated whether we have a naturally good nature that is corrupted by society, or an evil nature that is kept in check by society. I believe that we are all…. Why do the audiences find horror movies based on killers entertaining?

Are the viewers psychologically predisposed by these depictions to react with violence and committing murder? This is an important issue because there…. This paper will discuss some of the developmental and situational factors that might have contributed to his reign of terror. It will also discuss the early years of his life…. Karla and her husband Paul Bernardo were responsible for raping and murdering young girls in Canada. Serial killing definition has posed some difficult fundamental complications because it encompasses varied forms and it results from many different mental states.

The relationship between the offender…. Dexter is a serial killer in Miami,…. Abstract The phenomenon of serial murder has both been appalling and fascinating, despite the attention it receives, relatively little is known about the fundamental motivations and origins of the individuals.

In this paper I explore what motivates serial murderers to commit such terrifying acts. Is it genetics, environment or a combination of the two?

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Serial Killers Research Paper Serial Killers: The Evil Inside Serial killers may live seemingly average lives, but they are con men/women. Their childhood, mental disorders, and social standing affect the very aspect of who they are. Research Paper on Serial Killers January 7, writer Research Papers 0 A serial killer is the murderer who has killed a great number of people, and his crimes have some common features and manner of execution.