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Promoting Cognitive Development

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❶Baby starts understanding th difference between mother's breast and the soother. Preserve Articles is home of thousands of articles published and preserved by users like you.

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He can remove the obstruction in his way. During this stage the baby takes help of his past experiences. If a toy is hidden at another place, instead of the first place he will look for it in the previous place only. It shows object permanence to a certain extent. He enjoys a game of peek-a-boo. In this stage the child uses his already learned skills in new situations. He becomes more active and curious.

He is ready for toilet training guidance. His activities are goal oriented. He tries to unveil mystery. That is why he is able to play hide-and-seek with mother and enjoys it.

Here it becomes quite clear that thinking analysing, decision making abilities are used by the baby to reach his goal. This is the last stage of sensory motor stage. The child starts recognising 'signs'. He becomes more alert and the mental process develops at a fast speed.

He can imagine new situation and tries to adjust with them. Plays make-belief games, e. He is able to recognise the product while watching, TV advertisement. By observing the sign 'X' he understands it to be the clinic or hospital. During this stage, the child gathers experiences and continuously interacts with the environment. These experiences form images in the mind of the child.

He starts recognising symbols and tries to perceive their meanings. His memory starts developing and he becomes imaginative. He is impressed by the imaginary characters of stories and imagines himself like them. He is lost in his imaginary world and toys. He holds a stick like a sword and acts as a king. Girls act like their mother by wearing her 'dupatta' or 'sari'. He understands the meaning of many symbols.

By observing the sign of he can recognize hospital. When mother gets ready, he understands that she is going out of the house. He guesses the weight of an object. Acting like a doctor by size.

He is self- centered during this stage. At this stage, the child becomes quite intelligent and worldly wise. He comes out of his imaginary world and is more realisticnow. He is able to reason out and make judgment. He goes to school and learns to cope up with many situations with the help of his reasoning power.

Power of differentiation and analysis also start developing at this stage. He makes use of his abilities for his friends and their group activities, e. During this stage intelligence, understanding and other mental capabilities are almost developed. Child is able to analyse the situations. He has foresight and reasoning capacity developed by then. He can take advantage of others experiences. He understands symbols, riddles, similes, poems and their meanings.

Preserve Articles is home of thousands of articles published and preserved by users like you. Gleitman , this is because the input they receive are not only useful but also provide various solutions to the problem.

Consequently, it is through motor and sensory experiences that children explore and learn Mahn n. For example, they learn that things have different sizes, shapes, textures as well as colors. This is because talking to a child soothes and learns from the heard sounds. This is because according to Gleitman , a child is likely to imitate the facial expression or the words.

According to Gleitman , it is important to read to the toddlers or the children every day. This is because reading to them assists them in learning the sounds of the language an aspect that is essential for cognitive growth.

However, it is important to choose music that is not only imaginative but also interesting for children Feierabend, In a nutshell, creativity appreciation is an essential part of cognitive development. When children are provided with an opportunity to explore as well as experiment, their understanding is enhanced. We are a crew of top notch academic freelance writers, gifted college and graduate students along with essay writing enthusiasts. We provide free writing help and appreciate tips.

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- Cognitive, Cognitive Behavioral and Reality Theories Cognitive Theory Cognitive theory is a learning approach in psychology that attempts to explain the behavior of humans by studying thoughts and reasoning process.

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Essay about Cognitive Learning Theory. Cognitive theorists try to explain human behavior by understanding how we process and store new information. The cognitive theories of learning originated from the gestalt theory. The three major contributors to the cognitive learning theories were Jean Piaget, Edward Tolman, and Albert Bandura. One of the most important aspects of development is "mental development." When the child is mentally fit only then he can complete his developmental task in time. Mental development includes development of intelligence, reasoning power, memory, thinking, imagination and power of judgment. After.