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635 words essay on Islam

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❶In , a study was done in countries and territories.

An essay donated by Hijab Al Faisal

Shi'ism has developed its own system of law and theology; its own clergy; festivals and places of pilgrimage; and a special religious ethos characterised by a fervour to suffer for the cause. In spite of the division between Sunni and Shi'a, Islam has avoided the extensive fractural divisions that have occurred in some other major world religions. There have of course been various splits, but many of these were the result of slightly variant approaches to jurisprudence and theology rather than actual sectarian divisions caused by doctrinal differences.

The various jurisprudential and theological schools in Islam tend to be referred to with the Arabic word "Madhhab" which means "a path that is walked along" since the term does not suggest any value judgements with regard to the style of Islam that is being practised. Muslims who affiliate themselves to different theological or jurisprudential madhhabs will worship in the same mosque. There is no sense of denominational difference here, and it is inappropriate to regard the different madhhabs as sects.

The terms sect or independent group can, however, be used to refer to those groups which, through developing doctrines and practices clearly at odds with Qur'anic teaching or the traditions of the Prophet, have placed themselves outside of main stream Islam. Four such major sects have emerged from within the Sunni tradition: Kharijiyyah, Mu'tazilah, Wahhabiyyah and Ahmadiyyah.

In Medina, Muhammad preached his religion and won many flowers. Its flowers came to be called Mussalmans or Muslims. He continued preaching his new religion and won many converts. Muhammad left behind a religion simple and clear and strong which remains to this day a virile force through half the world. Some of his teachings are as follows:. There should be no question of inferiority and superiority. A Muslim should pray on Friday at the mosque and observe the five appointed times of prayer or Namaz.

He should fast during the month of Ramzan. This is regarded as one of the very pious duties of every Muslim. Muhammad was against the practice of drinking and gambling. He also vehemently condemned the taking of the flesh of pig. He was in favor of treating the women and slaves kindly. Muhammad tried to improve the position of women in Arabia.

You may find many more of them that promote nothing else but peace and justice. This guest article is by Hijab al Faisal, senior coordinator at QuranReading.

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Seasonal events Science vs. Laws and news 2. Gays in the military. Islam prohibits violence and promotes peace and justice: Follow not the lusts of your hearts , lest ye swerve, and if ye distort justice or decline to do justice, verily Allah is well-acquainted with all that ye do. And He forbids evil, vice, and transgression. He enlightens you, that you may take heed.

Historical evidences favoring the peace-loving attitude Of Muslims: The peace-loving attitude and behavior of Muslims is not a myth. It is an absolute historical truth that is very evident from their deeds when they were in command of different areas of the world where multiple religions were practiced:

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Free Islam papers, essays, and research papers. Tension Between the West and Islam - The tension between the West and Islam has become a hot topic lately but the conflict between the two has always been there, and is illustrate through the works of Al-Farabi, Nilufar Gole, and Sayyid Qutb.

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Free Essays from Bartleby | 1. God to the people of the big three monotheist religions (Judaism, Christianity, Islam) see god as an all-knowing, all-seeing.

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General Essay on Islam The rise of Islam began with the Prophet Muhammad, who was born in about in the city of Mecca, in central western Arabia. From about the age of forty until shortly before his death in Muhammad received frequent revelations from Allah delivered through the angel Gabriel. Islam, which is today, one of the greatest religions of the world had its origin in Arabia in the seventh century. The doctrines of this faith were first proclaimed by Proclaimed by Prophet Muhammad under whose banner the scattered tribes of Arabia became a nation. Prophet Muhammad was born in A.D.

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Islam is the last revealed religion. ’Islam’ is an Arabic word meaning ‘peace’ and ‘submission’. In its religious sense, it connotes submission to the will of God; in its secular sense, it signifies the establishment of peace. Muhammad identified himself as a simple human being, sent by. Islam Essay. following to the key beliefs and practices of Islam, they are submitting to the will of Allah. The six principle beliefs and The Five Pillars of Islam are two out of .