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PowerPoint Slideshow about 'Cause and effect essays' - benjamin

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Sample Cause and Effect Essay Topics

The introduction Present the basic information as regards to the subjects to be compared and contrasted. Ensure to narrow the focus to allow the reader to get the information he needs to have as regards to the subject. Your transitions must have the mortar to hold the foundation of the essay together. This enhances the progression of thought to give the reader a clear understanding of your essay. Finally, write a clear concise thesis statement. This should come in the last sentences in your introduction.

The content First , explain your thesis claim or main premise as the writer. Second, support your ideas and opinions with evidence. Third, consider your audience by research your target audience based on its age group, the level of the intellectual, background among others. Finally, explain and interpret or argues authoritatively and logically 7 Style: Style integrate elements of descriptive and narrative writing in to expository.

Ensure to use vivid apt or precise diction. Keep it in mind that you are allowed to use figurative language. Ensure to vary sentence structure and length to give the prose fluency 8 Form: Form It is paramount to use a standard form of writing when writing the introduction. Besides, keep it in mind that a good paper summarizes themes characters or plots.

Finally, think of how these comparisons and contrasts create meaningful connections to a larger issue 9 Body paragraph: Show me how After you enable Flash, refresh this webpage and the presentation should play. View by Category Toggle navigation. Products Sold on our sister site CrystalGraphics. Cause and Effect Essay. Discuss the relationship between diet and heart disease You miss a surprise quiz effect and cause.

For instance, an increase in the number of police patrolling the street in urban areas along with the formation of citizen watch groups multiple causes will result in less street crime and the growth of small businesses multiple effects. OR A simple event can produce a chain of consequences. You cannot find your car keys cause so you are late for class effect and cause. Keep the causal explanation direct and simple Focus on the most important causes and effects not all causes and effects you can think of or have found.

If you dont have evidence to support it, it becomes your opinion and its best to omit it. However, a closer study of the behavior may reveal that the child is worried about attending a physical education class and that the stomachaches are the result of stress and anxiety.

The PE class is the hidden cause. To avoid overlooking hidden causes or effects, be sure to examine a causal relationship closely. Do not assume the most obvious or simplest explanation is the only one. Although one event followed the other in time, the first event did not necessarily cause the second event to occur. That is, you cannot assume that reducing your coffee intake caused the high grade. Plausible evidence might include testimony from others who experienced the same sequence of events or documentation proving a causal relationship between the events.

For instance, there are numerous examples of people who have contracted cancer after smoking cigarettes for a number of years as well as research documenting the link between cigarette smoking and cancer. For example, suppose sales of snow shovels in a city increased at the same time sales of gloves and mittens increased. The fact that the two events occurred simultaneously does not mean that snow shoveling causes people to buy more mittens and gloves.

Again, remember that evidence is needed to verify that the two events are related and that a causal relationship exists. For example, you may assume that someone you just met is honest or that your new mat instructor treats all students fairly.

Although assumptions can be true, in many cases people make sweeping generalizations that are untrue and unfair. Many assumptions are based on stereotypesunfair generalizations about the characteristics or behaviors of an entire group or class of people or things.

Your reader expects a complete explanation of each primary cause or effect that you include. In order to explain your causes and effects, youll probably use one or more other patterns of development.

Do not leave it to your reader to figure out the causal relationship. In the following examples, note that the original thesis is weak and vague, whereas the revision clearly states the causal relationship. Breathing paint fumes in a closed environment can be dangerous. People suffering from asthma and emphysema are particularly vulnerable. Breathing paint fumes in a closed environment can be dangerous for people suffering from asthma and emphysema because their lungs are especially sensitive to irritants.

The revised thesis makes the cause and effect connection explicit by using the word because and by including necessary information about the problem. They are difficult or impossible to support.

Drugs are the root cause of inner-city crime. Drugs are a major cause of inner-city crime. The revised thesis acknowledges drugs as one cause of crime but does not claim that drugs are the only cause. Unless a cause and effect relationship is well established and accepted, qualify your thesis statement. Overemphasizing competitive sports is harmful to the psychological development of young children. Overemphasizing competitive sports may be harmful to the psychological development of young children.

Changing the verb from is to may be qualifies the statement, allowing room for doubt. The tone of your essay, including your thesis, should be confident but not overbearing. Which company should I choose.

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A 5 paragraph essay will not give the writer enough room to write about both causes AND effects. Characteristics to Include in the Essay Present the event or issue. The audience needs to understand the problem or issue.

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Cause effect essay powerpoint new 1. CAUSE / EFFECT ESSAYORGANISATION 2. The Introduction General Statements:Two or three sentences that introduce the general topic or issue Thesis Statement: A statement that shows purpose for the essay. 3.

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Chart and Diagram Slides for PowerPoint - Beautifully designed chart and diagram s for PowerPoint with visually stunning graphics and animation effects. Our new CrystalGraphics Chart and Diagram Slides for PowerPoint is a collection of over impressively designed data-driven chart and editable diagram s guaranteed to impress any audience. Understanding Cause and Effect Relationships • In some paragraphs, the cause-and-effect relationship is not directly stated. • In these cases, you have to - "read between the lines." • Use clues from the paragraph to identify cause-and-effect relationships.

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Unformatted text preview: Cause-and-Effect Essay What is a Cause and Effect Essay? Causal relationship between cause(s) and effect(s) Cause(s) Effect: Something causes something else, or many things cause something. (Factories) Cars Air pollution (Fires) Effect(s) Cause: Something results from something else, or many things result from one thing. Cause and effect essays. Effect. Contributory cause. Main cause. Effect. remote cause. immediate cause. effect. Chain of events. For cause and effect essays. It’s important to ask HOW not WHY. A cause and effect thesis. Slideshow by benjamin.