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Banned Books Essay Contest - 2018


❶The quality of education given in college can be roughly judged from the type of books in its library.


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Our college library is housed in a big building. It has about thirty two thousand books on various subjects. Students come to the library and take books of their choice either for reading in the library itself or for study at home. Our college library is under the charge of a qualified librarian. She is an efficient and hard working lady. She is very helpful to students and members of the staff. She encourages those students to read as many books as possible. She is a strict disciplinarian.

She makes sure that there is perfect discipline in the library. Our library is assisted by an assistant discipline in the library. Our library is assisted by an assistant librarian, four restorers and three peons. The catalogue is up to date. Therefore, it leads to collect, preserve, manage, update and disseminate the information through libraries.

A library contributes significantly in systematic and scientific management of books. The present chapter includes the discussion on the concept and definition of education as well as library.

It also takes into account the expansion of higher education in India. The rapid technology changes have also affected to expectation of society. The issues related to modern society and higher education have been discussed in this chapter. Keeping library as a center point, various national polices on development of libraries, information systems and services are also overviewed.

For the development of libraries efforts has been made at central, state and other levels. As a part of these efforts, various commissions and committees have been established in India.

They take into consideration the present scenario of libraries and gave recommendation for future development. By the act of central government, central statutory body namely AICTE has been established for the implementation of various academics programmes.

The college library situation is also discussed, as the present study is based on Management College libraries affiliated to Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Marathwada University, Aurangabad. So far many academicians and researchers have pointed out various problems and challenges in library administration leading of automation. For the sake of automation library management software plays the important role at the back end. A large number of library software are also available in the market.

The chapter includes exploratory discussion on evaluation of this software. Education is a continuous process leading to progressive change in behavior. The progressive change can be observed in terms of physiological, emotional and intellectual. The various national and international thinkers and philosophers have also defined the terms education. The importance of education is realized by many philosophers and social reforms.

According to a born teacher and president if India Dr. The quality of civilization depends not upon the material equipment or political machinery, but on the character of men.

In every formal as well as information education systems library is the important indistinguishable part. The next section deals with concept and definition of library. The latin word liber means book whereas in french word Librairie means bookseller or to copy. The word library is derived from the latin word liber.

Clean, attractive, beautiful, knowledge centre is also referred to as library. With the change in time library became cultural centers. In the 21st century, it is treated as an information centre.

Every college must have a good library and it occupies a prominent position in the college campus. The library is the heart of every college campus. The importance of college library is inevitable in every teaching and academic programme. Now-a-days college education is becoming more and more student centre and thereby it encourages students to pay a vital and creative role in their education.

The college library provides ample opportunity for self-education to the students, apart from supplementing the class lectures.

Education is the acquisition of the art of utilization of knowledge. The main aim of education is to build character, increase strength of mind and expand intellect. In order to achieve these objectives, library plays multi-dimensional role. Following discussion elaborates on the role of library. Library plays an important role to educate the literate, dispel their ignorance and to provide opportunities for continuing education to the educated.

Another media role played by library is the communicator between the teacher and students. Library is a media centre with learning environment artfully designed to have stimulating and enriching effects upon students.

In formal education system, teaching is supplemented by classroom taking the maximum help of teacher. During the stage of higher education, the focal point of learning should gradually shift from classroom to the library. In the non-formal education, the help of teacher is minimal. The students by the large have to acquire knowledge through self-study. In non-formal education the main responsibility of supporting the education rests with libraries.

Provision of suitable library facilities, leads to divert the great potential energy of young men for reading, constructive thinking and making them disciplined, respectful and senior citizens of the country. Library centered teaching will promote mutual respect between the teachers and the taught and they will appreciate books and library. Education is a continuing process in which self-education starts at the end of formal education.

There are great personalities who on the basis of self-education, attempt highest place of perfection in knowledge. Libraries are appropriate agencies which provide suitable ground for self-education. According to Mahatma Gandhi the concept of adult education is to make men and women better citizen with the idea of individual development to community development.

The term adult education has been changed to social education and therefore library services are now extended to the community even outside the library building. Academic library also offers effective library services to the community. The successful propagation of research activity needs past information Due to continuous growth of publication researcher is in need of lot of information.

Due to multidisciplinary research and seepage of literature into a variety of fields, there is an increasing demand for libraries to support and encourage research. Library also plays the role by preserving the cultural heritage of the human race. The representative and selective collection of books on spiritual and religious, ideological theme as well as permanent value, may inspire people to have high ideal life and inculcate values in them.

In the changing scenario of higher education and research, the ease of availability of information to the required use has also changed the role of librarian and information professionals from knowledge custodians to knowledge facilitators.

Now-a-days the invent of new technologies have provided access to vast volume of information in a competitive spirit. It improves both quality and quantity of higher education. Library can also be characterised as social institution. Society has decided what library should be in the past and what it should be in future. Even though library is an archival collection, it is essential for cultural survival.

Library is not only center of culture it served, but it is also a form of insurance against social disintegration of decay. Information has very important role to play in the development of society and nation in general. For the appropriate suggestions and recommendation to create new facilities in libraries so as to meet the demand of increasing number of users, an integrated national plan for library development is needed at national level.

National policy in general can be understood as set of decisions taken by a central government applying laws and regulations to orient harmonious development of the information dissemination service to satisfy information needs of the citizen of nation.

In India before and after independence various commissions and committees have been established to formulate the national policies on libraries, information systems and services, viz; Hunter commission ,l Indian University Commission , Sadler commission , The library Commission , Advisory Committee , Review Committee on Library Sciences Kothari Commission , Pal Committee , National Policy on Library and information system , Malhotra Committee , Committee on National Network System for University Libraries , Curriculum Development Committee on Library and Information Science The chairman of this working group was Dr.

The committee proposed to develop a computer network interlinking all special libraries in India. UGC in constituted a committee under the chairmanship of Prof. The main responsibility of this committee was to suggest measure for networking of libraries and information centers in university, deemed university, institution of national importance, UGC information centre, Research and Development institutions and colleges.

The working group also cover the issues regarding output and services, INFLIBENT organization, standardisation for information handling application software requirement, computer hardware, technical specialisation, required manpower and training need, management mechanism, implementation mechanism and cost implication.

Since , it is an autonomous inter university centre under University Grants Commission. The aim of this network is to contribute to pooling. Sorting and optimization of resources, facilities and services of university and college libraries. It is a national level resource sharing centre. This network is very useful to all libraries and their readers.

About university libraries, autonomous college libraries and research and development institution libraries are the number of this network. Besides network services it organises training program to university and college library professionals. More than college library professionals have been trained under this training program. Central government of India on the basis of recommendation received from Radhakishan Committee established University Grants Commission in under the chairmanship of Dr.

In UGC came into existence as statutory autonomous institutions for the wellbeing of higher education in India.

The functional role of UGC is multidimensional. In the present section an attempt has been made to focus the light of role of UGC in academic libraries. The year was observed as a golden period for the development of academic libraries in India. During this period UGC launched the exchange programme for academic librarian with the United States and huge grant for the purchase of American Books and scientific equipment.

Since establishment, UGC is pursuing the issue as follows:. Each college library must be govern by a librarian of minimum lecturer grade and is assisted by a person with degree in library science and some with certificate courses.

Each college library must be financially supported for library building, fitting and furniture. Ranganathan were as under:. The administrative work should be distributed to the library staff in such a way that they will avail maximum time for reference services. The important recommendations of this workshop include 4 percent of the college budget provision be made for books, journals, bindings and other library material. With the pace of time, modernisation of college libraries is very essential.

All currently enrolled Fullerton College students are eligible to participate. Select and read a banned book: Ask any FC librarian with assistance in selecting or researching a banned book. The book does not have to be from FC Library. Compose a -1, word essay answering only one of the four essay prompts below using supporting ideas from the banned book of your choosing. Referencing the book you have chosen, answer the following question: Faculty from English and other departments will evaluate each essay on the following criteria: Organization Strength of argument Adherence to the prompt Supporting details Format Language mechanics i.

Include your first name, last name, and Banner ID number on the essay. No hand-delivered paper submissions, please. Submissions sent after the posted date and time will not be considered. Banned Books Select a title from list of banned books for the contest. The prizes are as follows: Programs at Fullerton College. Introduction to Research - Summer Want to: Learn about the structure that supports academic research? Earn higher grades by citing better sources?

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An educational institution without a library is just a house without a kitchen. - When students read in hi classes, their desire for knowledge increases. Desire knowledge is best satisfied when the students enter a room of books. In college libraries, there are rich varieties of journals and.

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Essay on “Our college library” Complete Essay for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

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