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Research Paper on Harry Potter

Harry Potter

❶Rowling's Harry Potter Universe. Sadly, however, she died before Rowling could finish reading the book to her.

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Venetia Robertson, Carole M. Cusack, and John Morehead, McFarland forthcoming. A magazine article on the symbolism of trees in the Harry Potter saga. Z recenzji wydawniczej prof. Harry Potter and Convergence Culture: Essays on Fandom and the Expanding Potterverse. This collection of new essays interprets the Wizarding World beyond the books and films through the lens of convergence culture.

Contributors explore how online communities tackle Sorting and games like the Quidditch Cup and the Triwizard Tournament, and analyze how Fantastic Beasts and Harry Potter and the Cursed Child are changing fandom and the canon alike.

Spirit and Grace, Letters and Voice. Harry Potter Movie Fan Pilgrimages. Harry Potter Vagabundierende Bucher. Racebending and prosumer fanart practices in Harry Potter fandom. This paper examines the dynamic relationship between fanartists and originary texts by examining the racially diverse fanart of the Harry Potter fandom, born as a reaction to the visually-supported narrative.

There have been several There have been several strong analyses of fanart as a method of expression, its cultural impact, and the benefits that artists can draw from the practice. Hey guys, this is my first post here, but I am an avid fan of Harry Potter, and as such, I decided to write a research paper under the topic of Harry Potter. Here are my academic questions I aim to answer: How can Harry Potter be used to teach students of academia?

Why is Harry Potter a suitable source for teaching in academia? What kind of psychological factors help Harry Potter to be a suitable source for teaching in academia?

How can Harry Potter be used to teach International Relations? If anyone has any more related questions I can use, that would be great! Also, I need some more sources, however I have had some trouble lately in finding new sources. Hey all, sorry I've been MIA this weekend, went home for the weekend and left my computer charger at school. Thank you all so much for your help and I will post the paper after it is finished.

I did an analysis of the dragons in Harry Potter as symbols for British Imperialism as my honors thesis. I think what I'll do is put it in a blog post and post a link that way you guys don't see a wall of text on a self post because it is fairly lengthy. I use Harry Potter to teach genetics concepts in biology classes. We discuss the heredity of wizarding ability.

Students use punnet squares to predict crosses of various organisms as they help Harry, Ron and Hermione pass Hagrid's Care of Magical Creatures class.

We also use a complete family tree pedigree to show the inheritance of wizarding in the three families. It's an amazing unit!!! Do you have any links or anything that could be used as evidence?

Maybe can we set up like an email interview if you have time in the next week? This would definitely add great value to my paper by diverging from the social sciences and showing the application in the "hard sciences". Do you or JK for that matter cover how muggle children come to have magical ability?

Is it a genetic mutation? I know nothing about biology, quite clearly. What I did is take jk's canon and apply biology to it. Either through luck or design most likely luck her characters display a pattern of inheritance known as single allele complete dominance. Muggle is actually the dominant trait and wizardry is recessive.

So its possible for two muggle parents, both carrying a hidden wizard allele, to produce a full wizard child. In this situation having one wizard allele and one muggle allele results in a muggle phenotype. One only becomes a wizard if they inherit two recessive wizarding alleles. Hermione is a great example. Two muggle parents, each carrying a dominant and recessive allele heterozygous, carriers , both gave her a recessive wizarding allele resulting in a full wizard child.

This actually makes a lot of sense, given that pottermore has revealed that up until the International Statue of Wizarding Secrecy in Muggles and Wizards alike mingled and intermarried and bred together.

Unfortunately, JK doesn't know much about biology either, seeing as she studied Classics in university. While she's said that magical ability is genetic, the actual consequences of this are bewildering to say the least.

How does the expression of a gene allow one to wield magic? Is there a protein through which this happens? Does this mean you can use genetic engineering to transplant this magic gene into Muggles and Squibs? This isn't really a criticism of the book.

I don't expect every author to be familiar with biology or other sciences. Lots of great scifi and fantasy would never exist if they did. So does it go like this? Wizarding is autosomal dominant Use letter M Harry and Ginny Ron and Hermione So being a squib can come from two heterozygous parents making a homozygous recessive child, or it is a mutation?

And normal people are mm, and mudbloods are a mutation, since neither of Hermione's parents were Mm or MM? And is a squib mm? Muggle is dominant no mutations needed. Muggles are homozygous dominant MM , muggle carriers are heterozygous Mm , and wizards are homozygous recessive mm. A squib is actually genetically identical to a pure wizard but the derogatory term "squib" refers to their lineage not genetics.

Hey this sounds like a really great topic, and I wish you luck! Just checking my college library catalogue, I see a few things that might be pertinent: Perspectives on a Literary Phenomenon" I don't know your situation, but if you are in a place where you can easily get books through Inter-library loan you should consider searching the WorldCat as well! We have both of these books available in our library!

Thanks so much, and I will definitely be using those. If your library is like my library was, anything else they have on the same shelf with those should be pretty solid sources as well. I got away with writing waaay too many academic HP papers in college. Resurrecting the Lost Art of Lecturing. You can already see by just looking at the variety of sources people have posted the many different ways that Harry Potter can be used to teach; Philosophy, Psychology, Education, Literature, Lecturing, Problem Solving, etc.

The books engaging and exciting which would draw students in. Rowling as an author source is extremely credible as she completed a lot of research do complete the books.

One example is her use of languages like latin and french that can be seen throughout the series. She is obviously educated and therefore her knowledge can be trusted obviously people should use critical thinking in everything they read but for the most part J. Although the setting is in a fantasy world, the books provide many real life situations involving morals and values.

The characters must often use their judgement and self awareness to solve their problems. This teaches students valuable skills for the classroom and in life. The novels are also an excellent example of writing literature. Looking at her work can help students improve their writing.

My brain is a bit tired as I am just finishing up my semester at University so I won't be able to answer this question fully or accurately. However, the book I posted above as well as this book should help with this question.

Anyone else who feels like they can add onto this for me, please do. As for International students, you could examine the international relations that the students experience when the Durmstrang and Beauxbaton students attend Hogwarts for the Triwizard Tournament. You could look at the lessons that the senior wizards and witches, like Dumbledore, hope to teach their students about international relations.

It definitely looks interesting, and I'll see if my library has it Edit: Those answers look wonderful, I will definitely be drawing some arguments from them! Yeah I did, I just edited my comment lol. I'll probably post the final paper before it is due so you guys can all read it! I actually wrote a argumentative paper my freshman year of college on a similar subject!

I argued that requiring children in elementary school to read Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone would help combat illiteracy in the United States. Here's a copy of all the references I used, some are relevant to you, some more for illiteracy. Alliance for Excellent Education.

JK Rowling, and Much More. Gale Group, 1 Jan. Sorry, no help here, but you don't happen to be from michigan do you? Because I have to write a research paper on the first three books this weekend!

There is talk of gods having affairs with mortals, and quite a bit of married gods having affairs with other gods. In the following book report, I will first introduce…. Child development was broken down into four theories. These theories focused on intellectual and cognitive development as well as social development and moral judgment development.

Children in the younger ages enjoy books like Dr. Seuss the cat in the hat or The…. Although Harry Potter is a product of the 21st century, he still has the necessary components of the romantic hero. The mystical circumstances surrounding his birth, his underdog state before receiving unlimited power, the mark of the chosen on his forehead, his status in the wizard community as the future savior — these qualities are….

In the series of books written about Harry Potter by J. Rowling, liberalism and civil rights are a major point of concern. In the early books, there are allusions to the idea that different types of people, wizards, should be treated differently.

There are direct corollaries between the Harry Potter books and the s…. If accusations of promoting witchcraft and being in league with demonic forces sound like seventeenth century fare, it is because that is where such accusations belong. Rowling since the first of her wildly popular books came to the attention of some more…. Rowling first published on July It is about the adventure of an eleven-year-old boy who grew up with his aunt and uncle and later discovers that he comes from a family of witches and wizards.

I would rate this book 9 on a scale of 10…. The play Antigone and Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban are similar because, the characters in each have similar characteristics. They both have the same themes of revenge, social justice, and redemption. They have collectively sold more than million copies and have been translated into more than 63 languages…. The books about Harry Potter is the embodiment of human fantasy. Who does not want to feel like a magician for a minute?

Perhaps this is possible only in childhood, when the world of fantasy is so closely intertwined with the real. The research work of students with argumentative essay topics is an effective method of training high-quality new specialists in higher education. It develops creative thinking, individual abilities, student's research skills, allows the training of initiative specialists, develops scientific intuition, creative approach to the perception of knowledge and the practical application of all these factors for solving problems.

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The Harry Potter series, written by the British Author Joanne Rowling, is unarguably the most successful series of books of the twenty-first century. After suddenly finding inspiration for her characters on a train, Rowling devoted at least a decade of her life to the lives of the characters she created, and to her readers who waited with bated breath for the announcement of her next novel.

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Symbolism in Harry Potter Research Papers The Harry Potter series is popular amongst people of all ages. Because of its compelling delivery style, it is easy to get lost in the words on the pages. This is a topic suggestion on Symbolism in Harry Potter from Paper Masters. Harry Potter Research Paper (biuiawjdh.gaotter) submitted 5 years ago * by Justintime4hookah Hey guys, this is my first post here, but I am an avid fan of Harry Potter, and as such, I decided to write a research paper under the topic of Harry Potter.

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Research indicates that lightning has a prominent and multi-cultural meaning - for example Zeus' most distinctive attribute was the lightning bolt. Harry Potter's scar is an extraordinary vestige that has an . Many parents and school boards have challenged the presence of these books in libraries and school curricula. While Rolling attempts to represent the connection between good and evil in the Harry Potter series, many feel that series’ contents depict violence because the story deals with ghosts, cults and encourage cheating, corruption, lying and witchcraft; these [ ].