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They stated it was water damaged. I had never brought water near it. We are now Dell and Apple users. I am still paying the bill and they were super mean about the whole situation.

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Previous Post Previous Wikileaks. Hewlett-Packard - Customer Service Numbers. When I told them about the issue with the internet cutting out, they said the problem is my internet service provider, not the computer.

I told them I only have this issue with this laptop, but they refused to accept that the problem was the laptop. When I told them webpages are loading very slowly or not at all, they said they can't control how the laptop performs on 3rd party websites. I told them I was having issues scrolling down on Twitter, and that there was a white line going across my screen while on Youtube, and they told me that sometimes there are viruses on various websites, and that's why I was having problems!

So there's viruses on all the sites I'm going to? I'm not going on a bunch of shady websites. Just very common sites that everyone uses: I have problems using all sites at various times.

They just refuse to take ownership of the fact that their laptop has issues using the internet. I've read other reviewers mention the same problem, so it's not my ISP. They offered to transfer me to their customer service dept that specifically helps people with 3rd party websites but I would have to pay to speak with them. Why should I have to pay for you to troubleshoot a computer that I bought only a few months ago that's still under warranty? After being on the phone forever with customer service, I'm still having all of those issues, and HP won't give me a new computer.

I can always call them back and talk to their Tech support for hours, or mail in my computer, but at this point I'm livid, and I just want my money back.

I did a LOT of research for several months, reading lots of customer reviews before buying this laptop and it has been such a headache. I seriously regret buying this. Please take my advice, don't buy this piece of junk.

It will save you so much frustration. Better yet, just stay away from HP. I have 2 HP laptop computers. The first was bought a few years back. It worked fine for a few months then it started freezing and running slow. Started doing weird things so I got frustrated and only used it when I really needed to which was not much at all I just use my Apple iPad instead.

In September - October bought my daughter a HP notebook So I called support. They went in internally from the old laptop. It looks like HP programs computers to work good for a few months and then stop working so you will have to buy some programs to fix them I recently purchased a HP laptop, replacing my old Dell laptop.

While in the process of setting it up, the first thing it asked for was a password. I used the same password I have used for my computers for the last several years.

While downloading files to a zip drive since Microsoft no longer allows you to use a simple transfer cable , my computer powered down. When I woke it, it asked for my password, which I provided.

To my surprise, it said it was the wrong password. Different attempts met with the same result. The paperwork that came with it promised tech support. After several attempts to contact them by phone and online, I finally reached them by phone.

Several years ago, when I had this problem with Dell, they helped me reset my password. They explained it was a one-time deal, but, they still helped me! Had HP done this, they would still have a customer. Instead, I have gone back to my beloved Dell. A product is only as good as its tech support, and HP's tech support leaves a lot to be desired. Purchased a HP desktop and right away noticed things I didn't like pages wouldn't load, restarting without a reason.

Stuff I didn't pay for. When I contacted HP support I was given some instructions to try to resolve my issues sorry. Then I had a "Tech" enter the computer remotely and was told "nothing I can do, call this number" that was the fourth number that day. I registered on This is real offer or fake? I know right now I am wasting my time and I know I did not get any response from your team. Purchase HP Laptop in March Had problems the first week.

Went to Best Buy where the laptop was purchased and was told on three different occasions was told the problem was with the Hard drive. I called HP more than 10 times, and each time was told it was software problem. Last call 4 times in three hours, three hours nonstop Talked with 5 customer service rep. I asked for a manager. I followed their instructions, the laptop really acts up, but the rep told me it was my fault, call back when I fix what I did, when I just followed their instruction.

Finally my brother got in contact with a manager. I was told to send in my laptop. I did and it still after its return does not work properly.

One major problem I cannot get on the internet. It is not the internet, because my desktops and Apple devices can, so why not a now six month old laptop. Bottom line Customer Service stinks to high heaven and their products are garbage!!! When I changed my internet provider, all of the devices were able to detect and connect to the new WiFi but not my HP notebookaynr.

I called the HP tech support, the choices are paid service or free diagnosis. When I chose free diagnosis, it told me to go online to run troubleshoot and hang up. I told him that other 9 devices at home were able to connect to the new WiFi but not my notebook, therefore I didn't want to pay. He did not explain anything but insisted that I need to pay for the warranty first before he would help me. I told him I would like to talk to either his manager, supervisor or someone else, but he kept asking me why do I want to talk to them and repeated even if I talked to them they would still ask me to pay for the warranty.

He wouldn't transfer the call even though I have told him many times I would like to talk to someone else. I had to raised my voice and he still wouldn't give up.

Then he said "I am going to put a note here saying that you need warranty". After many attempts, I finally had to hung up on him. After that, my husband went to unplugged the server line and plugged it in again. He also restarted my notebook, then the wireless network showed on the network and internet setting. Now, my notebook is connected to the new WiFi. I am not a computer wizard but my notebook has been able to detect and connect to previous and other public wireless networks, and nothing else was changed or broken.

I wish no one will pay for unnecessary services. Purchased with extended warranty. After first update which was to Windows 10, started getting messages that there wasn't enough space for update and I couldn't use. I returned to store and had to fight with them, then with the extended warranty people until the warranty ran out. Contacted BBB and then they 'replaced' it with another that did the same thing AND had someone else's info in it so I can't even be administrator on my own computer.

Ran me around with no warranty because it was used up on the first. If you're a creator of some sort or if you like to play games on the PC, I would not recommend this.

The PC is very slow and isn't very powerful, it will crash if you have a big program or file open. The past few months have been frustrating to me because whenever I work on my stuff for long periods of time, the computer may crash suddenly, even if I only had two small windows open, and I would lose all my hours of work. Also, my HP laptop could no longer work as normal anymore and needs to be charged at all times or it will shutdown. If you use the computer for work purposes or use big files, I recommend not buying this.

About 7 months ago I purchased my HP laptop from Walmart, about 2 months or so into owning it, it started shutting down unexpectedly so I contacted them to fix it. They went into my computer and turned off MANY processes which caused some of my programs to not run when launched. I tried getting them to undo the changes and they said if they were to go back into the computer they would need to charge me an additional fee.

WHY should I pay more money to fix their screw up? All I want is for them to undo the changes and I will figure out how to resolve the shutting down problem myself. I was passed around 6 different times to just be told there was nothing they would do unless I paid more money for something they screwed up. Unless there is a law that protects me I'm down dollars using a computer that won't run the products I want it to.

I am a recent HP Elitebook user. Having browsed through numerous laptop sites and pamphlets, I zeroed in on the Elitebook G5 i7 model, which clearly seems to be a mistake now. One thing I forgot to factor in was that great specs on paper do not necessarily translate into a fully-functioning laptop. Let me give you some context. First Elitebook arrives on 2nd July, Contacted the HP Support, went through hours of troubleshooting, before it was processed for a replacement on the 4th of July.

This replacement too entailed hours gone to a waste - entertaining the engineer who came in to check every single component and to take their snaps and then a second time to pack the laptop which was supposed to be picked up the next day itself, and contacting the HP support to follow-up why the delivery guy won't come to pick up the packed laptop even after 3 days the support somehow thought it better not to inform me of the delay!

Between sealing of the laptop and receiving the replacement, I was left without a laptop for almost a week, affecting my work.

On 18th of July comes the new Elitebook yes, it took 2 weeks to process the replacement, that too in Mumbai. Little did I know this one was going to be yet another thorn. Faced issues with the display and the track-pad, spent hours with the support troubleshooting my way through it. But this was not it. I soon discovered that the microphone was no good either. Sensing my exasperation, the support processed this one too for a replacement. But what they don't understand is that it was not fun the first time, and is definitely an excruciating pain this time.

Contacted the Customer Relations with the issue, but all I got was a semi-automated email with no follow-up! So, to sum it up, as a new HP customer all I have been given is disappointment, false promises, betrayal of trust and loads of wasted hours. I fulfilled my end of the bargain by paying the money upfront and following the instructions as provided by the HP support, only to be reciprocated with successive defective products.

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