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Chandra Weaver, a year-old black woman, was shot by the policemen on November 17, She just crashed the police car. The cops shot her right there. Nobody was found guilty of her death. Stephen Tooson, a year-old black man, was killed on December 11, , after the police car crashed his auto. As you understand, nobody was found guilty of his death too. India Kager and her 4-month-old son were killed on September 5, They were followed by the unmarked police cars and when she stopped, the cops attacked her auto.

Nobody was found guilty…. The list of black victims is really impressing. It is long and each new case is more absurd than the previous one. It is hard to give any characteristics to police officers, who are not able to cope with the teens, year-old gentlemen and year-old housewives and who prefer to put the pistol to the heads of the citizens rather than to handcuff them and bring into the police office safe and sound.

They are more the criminals than the heroes and they do not deserve to have the titles of the officers at all. It is really possible to discuss this urgent topic non-stop, though if you want to continue it, it is really better to order any of our essays on police brutality.

Buy a paper for yourself right now and you will be made extra happy. Good And Bad Cops In: Popular topics May 30th, Before Rodney King, only a few knew about such cases, and there were only a few such videos. But such videos will not lead to the disappearance of racist police brutality. The reports about the brutality against people are rarely shown on TV in the USA, and they focus on young, innocent victims.

But still, such cases are becoming more and more well-known in society. One of the most recent incidents where police exceed authority happened in Ferguson, Missouri in The murder of unarmed black teenager Michael Brown by white policeman Darron Wilson caused a wave of mass protests, revealing the deep-seated problems of the American justice system that has not still eradicated racial contradictions.

For disobeying the demands to move to the pavement from the roadway of the street, Braun was shot by Wilson. The non-involvement of Wilson in criminal responsibility has exacerbated the situation. The unsuccessful attempt to introduce a state of emergency and curfew in Ferguson led to mass skirmishes of protesters with police and National Guard units, which were transferred to the city. The protests against police brutality began last year in dozens of US cities.

Hundreds of people were arrested. In connection with the police using excessive force against the demonstrators, the US President was strongly criticized for the militarization of police.

In response to criticism, a revision of federal programs began, in which the municipal police units were supplied with military equipment — military aircraft, grenade launchers, tactical vehicles equipped with weapons. This equipment was intended to be used by the US police force against its own people. US President Barack Obama and his Administration condemned the riots and assured that the murder of a teenager would be thoroughly investigated.

No matter what law enforcement officers do, including violence against children, they rarely face criminal charges, much less jail. And this fact must be changed. Due to growing number victims of police brutality, it is crucial to find the solution how to stop these actions.

Serious human rights violations continue, numerous obstacles do not allow accountable police officers to be brought to justice, and this impunity allows them to continue the violence. Is Abortion a Possibility to Choose or a Murder? Why does Hamlet still matter? Hi there, would you like to get such a paper?

He is always on the side of the poor. Thieves and evildoers are afraid of his name. He is a spy. In civil dress he inquires into the matters. He keep our life and property safe. He is very useful in averting the coming dangers. On the occasion of marriage processions, public meetings and religion processions he controls the crowds.

The policeman has many good qualities. He is dutiful and obedient. He looks always busy. He is always bold and courageous. He never hesitates to face dangers.

The Policeman has an impressive appearance. He has broad chest and strong stout legs. He is always alert, active and ennergetic.

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The Policeman Essay- English Essay on The Policeman for kids of class 1 to 3. The Policeman Essay for kids of grade 1,2,3 in English.

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A policeman is a useful public servant. He is paid from the Government treasury. He is smart and active. He serve the public. Related Articles: Essay on the policeman.

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Short Essay on Policeman Category: Essays, Paragraphs and Articles On October 11, By Anurag Roy The police is entrusted with the duty of stopping and controlling people who break laws. Free Essay: The Role of Police in Society In today's society the police, play may roles. They are the peacekeepers, law enforcement and many other jobs.

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- This essay discusses the effects of the police organizational culture on a Police officer’s ability to make independent decisions. Every culture is composed of four elements: “values, norms, beliefs, and expressive symbols” (Peterson, , p. ). Policeman essay Uses mathematica equation-solving software to construct a manuscript will need introduction and make the initial reading around a subject. This means that you could consider as they positively constrain student performance.