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Sexual Assault & Rape Research Paper Starter

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❶It costs businesses and schools due to the damaged morale, lawsuits and absenteeism that occur because of it.

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Sexual Harassment Essay
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Now is the punishment the right solution? Is the punishment harassers have to face enough for them to stop what they started? Punishment for sexual harassment will range from informal counseling and apology to suspension, dismissal and legal civil and criminal prosecution. The severity and frequency of the harassment will determine the extent of the punishment.

Those kinds of punishments are enough fir a person to stop such a behavior. Moreover, a person like the harasser does not have stable personality, which is why during the punishment, no matter what kind it was, he will only think about revenge. The thinking he will be making all this period of sentence will about the next victim; how he or she will look? Next step will be the same exact behavior but acted more professionally and more carefully. The society will not achieve anything from this trial or punishment that the government or justice put this person through but making this person even more eager to get his freedom completely and do whatever he desires again like he used to.

Off course there are people who learn from their mistakes, who will finish their punishment period live straight ever after. On the other had the question what about the victim and all the changes in his life? Sometimes, when a person think about it, he finds out it is really hard for the victim to recover and live his life. He never will trust anybody, and he will always be horrified if anybody touched him or tried to be nice. It is not as easy as it seems, on the contrary it is very hard.

For the human kind were created on the base that they need each other to survive. And what this harasser does, is kill every sense of trust this person ever had. No body has the right to do that though. Nevertheless Moslems still have to kill this person. For other religions and laws it is banned to kill anybody under any condition. Furthermore, waiting for the punishment to solve the problem, the country would not achieve any improvement towards ending this crisis.

Mostly those cases are kept in the dark and not reported for many reasons. First, most women would not report such accidents, because they were threatened when they first were forced to face the attack.

They would still have the same feeling after. She would live with the feeling of getting hurt if she tells anybody. Secondly, they take into account the possibility of not proving the action on the harasser, which is when the victim would rather kill herself than live with fear of re-experiencing what she has experienced again. And even if the trail the way the victim and her lawyer hope, what will happen next?

The harasser will spend a certain amount of time getting punished and the fear will still exist, for the question then is what will he do after the punishment? Secondly, if the place where the crime took place was a place like a school or a university, this place has a certain reputation that they most likely want to either keep or grow, but never decrease.

For those peoples punishment is not the right answer all they have to think about is how to cut this unhealthy deed out completely.

They should deal with this the same way they deal with cancer either cure it by cutting it off of the body or let the ill die. There is no other solution. Curing this problem evolves around prevention. The prevention is all programs that can include all kinds of people; families, parents, the young and especially teenagers at school. Because the prevention is not all about stopping the harassers from committing any action, but it is also about making the young aware of the world and what happens around them.

Off course they should have somebody to rely on, but not everybody. Friends and family members, whom they have known for along time, are a perfect example of trustable people that they can hang on to. Programs like these should exist and take place in primary and high schools, in universities and colleges, even in work places.

Moreover teacher and principals should be aware of what is going on between students and fats steps towards stopping any action that might be considered as harassment. The younger these pupils were when we start with them the better. Because children always learn faster and never forget something they were taught during their childhood. People consider schools another home for their children, for they spend half of the time in the school, where they form the life friends.

For that reason teachers and schools faculty should be carefully chosen. In order to have the young raised right with no problems as being harassed and other problems educational system should make sure they make interviews expanded to include psychologists that could find out the kind of mentality the teachers have and their abilities, and what they are capable of doing.

The government should be responsible for people in streets, bars, and nightclubs, and people that are drinking alcohol and doing drugs. The age for drinking alcohol should be raised to 25, because at this age people are mostly mature enough to stop themselves from doing stupid acts. Drugs should be banned entirely and serious punishments should be taken against those who do it or deal with it.

Not only do these people dealing with drugs gat themselves harmed, but they also get other innocent young females and males. For instance there are kinds of drugs, which make the person lose conscience for two days in a row. These types of drugs are mostly used in clubs and bars. At lease they will be raped. It is not that people should not feel free to do whatever they feel like doing.

Nevertheless, if this freedom conflicts with the safety of other people, they should choose safety over freedom. A few were savvy enough to tag my personal accounts on both Facebook and Twitter, just in case I missed their comments on one platform which I did not, because I could not stop obsessing over them. My account was so vehemently contradicted by perfect strangers, I began to wonder if perhaps they had more information about the incident than I. Had I, I wondered, made it all up as they suggested?

You said it right there. In the aftermath of the Harvey Weinstein allegations, women have been blanketing social media with their stories of assault using the hashtag MeToo , despite the repercussions of going public. I applaud these women, and I also fear for them.

I fear that they will be beaten down by the slut-shamers, and the victim-blamers, by the Internet trolls, and the possible real-life trolls. I fear that friends and family members will blindside them with their lack of support or, worst of all, their silence. Should I have said nothing? Did it even happen at all? Almost immediately after my essay was published, I was attacked online and off. It happened because I was too nice and accommodating to the person who assaulted me.

It happened because I was not forceful enough. I also received a few private messages, heartbreaking notes from young women across the country, who told me that my experience mirrored their own, but they had never been able to put their own to words.

As they thanked me for my voice, I wanted to tell them I wished I had stayed quiet. As they marveled at my strength, I wanted to tell them that if I had known that writing my essay made me strong, I would have chosen to be weak instead. As they created a heroic idea of who I was, I wanted to tell them that I had no idea who I was. The way I viewed myself had changed. The only thing I knew was that I should never, never, never have written about my assault.

And so, I did what I should have done from the beginning. My worry is that some women, like me, will learn this week what happens when you say MeToo, and that it might stop them from ever saying MeToo again.

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A sexual assault in Canada is defined as all incidents of unwanted sexual activity, including sexual attacks and sexual touching. Victims of these acts reported feeling angry, confused, frustrated and fearful.

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Sexual assault is defined as any sexual act you are forced to engage in without your consent. a. It is often accompanied by force, physical restraint, physical violence, intimidation and verbal or physical threat/5(4).

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Sexual Assault & Rape Research Paper Starter. This essay examines a number of reasons why women fail to report an assault to formal support agencies and examines some of the ways in which. Free Essay: According to the Australian Institute of Family Studies () sexual assault remains one of the most unreported crimes and still remains one of.

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