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The Pigman

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Literary Devices in The Pigman

by Paul Zindel
At a Glance
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The kids feel guilty about taking Mr. The friendship continues to grow from that point on because John and Lorraine enjoy spending time with the Pigman because they do not get to spend time like this with their own parents. John and Lorraine realize how lonely the Pigman is and decide to try to make his life more fun by visiting him every day after school and on the weekends. They did many activities with the PIgman that they had never got to experience at home with their own parents.

John and Lorraine face many conflicts and complications that teenagers face today. John is portrayed at the beginning of the book as a teenager giving in to the temptations of alcohol and tobacco. So, peer pressure is a big factor in The Pigman. The beginning of the book tells about John and Lorraine being pressured into prank calling the phone number that ends up being Mr. They are then pressured into collecting the money that Mr.

Pignati donated to their fake charity. After the kids have befriended the Pigman, a schoolmate, Norton tries to get John to let him steal from the.

John and Lorraine give into peer pressure when they have a party at Mr. Notes, drawings, and reproductions of clippings are interspersed throughout the text, a device that Zindel uses less than successfully in some of his later novels.

They are frequently unable to establish an adequate home environment, and they find most of the interests of the young either uninteresting or unimportant. Even school is categorized as unimportant. When Lorraine says that a Latin test is important, her mother responds by saying she is sure that later in life Lorraine will be using Latin daily.

Parents are referred to derisively and in most instances are portrayed as being far less astute than their children, who, unlike their parents, are able to perceive the sources of problems, solve them, and in the process gain new insights hidden from their parents and other adults in the stories. Perhaps because of his own experience, Zindel sometimes appears unable to appreciate parental effort. Conlan is interested only in stocks. Excitement may be found only among their peers, or in the company of adults such as Mr.

Pignati, who is capable of varying from dull routine and can find fun in doing simple things. She jokes around more with others, and she is more willing to voice her opinions. As such, John gets into fights with his dad a lot, leaving him bad-tempered, causing him to snap a bit at his mom.

This is because her mother is always criticizing something about her: Around each other, however, Lorraine and John are very different.

She does this a lot nearer to the end of the book, like when she convinced John to stop provoking Norton during a party they had thrown. She also tried to convince John to give up smoking way at the beginning, but it backfires when he points out that the author of the book she was using to convince him also smoked.

John also helps her to let go a little more and have fun, while she also gains more self-confidence. John is much more relaxed when he is with Lorraine than at home. He lies less around her, and he is more open with his thoughts and feelings when either she is around, or he is all alone. John and Lorraine are very close whenever they get together, allowing each to let their shields down a bit, trusting each other to not say anything about it.

These two seem to be the only true friends each other has; sure, they do have other friends, but the one person that they can really be themselves around is each other.

Essay title: Character Analysis of Lorraine from the Pigman

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In the novel, The Pigman, writing by Paul Zindel the main characters are biuiawjdh.gai, John and Lorraine. They all meet by chance and each becomes a trespasser on another's life. However, John and Lorraine each gain something . The content of the book may seem somewhat simple. However, I find that there are many important messages within the book. The story itself presented in The Pigman by Paul Zindel is very interesting and the characters are well developed.. There are three main characters in this book. John and /5(2).

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Responsibility or lack of responsibility is seen in The Pigman when John and Lorraine take responsibility for their lies, when John and Lorraine throw a wild party at Mr. Pignati’s house, and how John always drinks and smokes. John and Lorraine seem to care more for the Pigman than they do their own parents. How is this shown?