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How To Write a Logical Essay in Four Steps

Logic Essay

❶Each of will employ the methods of critical thinking on a regular basis.

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By this time, it is only logical for them to leave their parents' home and want to make…… [Read More]. We all believe, as an article of faith, that life evolved from dead matter on this planet.

It is just that its complexity is so great, it is hard for us to imagine that it did. Rehabilitating Mothers of Infant Children. Logic Model The author of this report has been asked to offer a brief report. The main focus of the report will be a logic model that is presented in the appendix of this report and will be discussed throughout the narrative of the same. Prior to that, however, there will be a section dedicated to the organization and operation that will employ the use of this logic model in terms of its direction, actions and priorities.

The general focus of the organization will be covered as well as the location and the general manner in which the organization operations and functions. Subsequent to that, there will be a focus on how the logic model is going to be applied to this situation.

Further, there will be a discussion of the situation, priorities and inputs for the same. While the task at hand may seem daunting, the work of the…… [Read More]. Is the Phelps' plan an improvement over current government policies? Lowering a company's tax bill will generally always be effective in causing them to invest more money in expanding which usually means more hiring.

However, it is not a panacea, as the recent economic incentives have proven. As of late, firms have received a number of tax cuts but there has also been the passing of the Dodd Frank financial reform bill as well as ObamaCare, both of which ObamaCare in particular is clearly making employers cool to hire…… [Read More]. The writer apparently is fixated on Marvel Comics' Wolverine character because he blasts all other comic books and raves about Marvel and the Wolverine character plus another Marvel feature, X-Men.

His conclusion is that spending money on any action movie -- or "summer blockbuster" -- other than the Wolverine or X-Men is wasteful. His basic theme throughout his presentation is that all action figures in comics and in movies pale in comparison to his favorite, Marvel the Wolverine and X-Men. What are the reasons? The reasons that this writer raves about the Wolverine and other Marvel characters is that if his cousin Vinnie says the Marvel Comics characters are by far the best, it must be true.

Of course his justification for taking the positions he takes is loaded with hyperbole but his reasons are clearly to make it known his favorite action comic…… [Read More]. Specifically it will discuss the "Allegory of the Cave" contained in the book and relate it to the background logic you brought to this class and establish whether or not this class has affected your background logic. If so how, and if not, why not?

The allegory of the cave may be Plato's most famous allegory from his work "The epublic" and it is still a viable source of logic in today's world. However, I do not agree with all of Plato's logic, and my logic has not changed since taking this class -- in fact, the class has simply helped cement my own background logic in my mind even further.

After reading "The Allegory of the Cave" and attempting to understand Plato's logic and philosophy, I feel my background logic seems intact. Before I enrolled in this class, my logic was basically "If…… [Read More]. The author has written three previous textbooks on philosophy. This is his first book on logic, but as he writes, logic undergirds all thinking and goes to the core of what we mean by human intelligence.

Logic is the basis of all human thinking. Critical Thinking Is an Activity. The problem in having a firm grasp of critical thought is that it can be clouded by many different distractions and affected by variables outside of controllable circumstances.

One of these factors is cognitive development. It is evident that cognitive development as a strong overall impact on the development of critical thinking. Genetics plays a strong role within cognitive development, as individuals are all born with differing genetic levels of comprehension and thus some people will have better critical thinking abilities purely based on their genes.

The circumstances that an individual grows up in also have a profound effect on their critical thinking abilities and process. This is because as an individual grows up they can form differing opinions and stigmas that are taught both explicitly and implicitly through cultural doctrine, social convention, as well as education in both informal settings such as at home as well as formal settings…… [Read More]. Integrating Critical as Well as. Eljamal; Stark; Arnold; Sharp, To conclude, it be said that if we will not be able to master imparting the capability to think in a developed form, our profession, as well as perhaps our world, would be influenced and taken over by someone who would be able to outsmart us to find it out.

We would in that case not only remain thinking as to what happened but would also not have the skills required to provide answers to our own question. Journal of Education for Business, 79 4. Nursing Diagnosis, 12 2. Assessing university students general and specific critical thinking. College Student…… [Read More]. As Pascal said, "We are but thinking reeds, but because we know, we are superior to the universe. This paper will discuss some of the facets of this important topic.

As there have been several definitions of the term "critical thinking" these definitions will be compared and contrasted. In addition, an evaluation of ways in which critical thinking relates to cognitive development, logic and emotionality will be given.

The role of cognitive dissonance and how it plays in fostering critical thought will be analyzed, and the validity of arguments will be evaluated, as will fallacious logic and reasoning. And also, his conclusion is that "all technologies" designed to help advertising "will tend to push social evolution in this direction," e. Doesn't it seem possible that there are a few people in advertising who have no interest in dominating people's minds, but just want to make a living creating clever advertising to sell kites, and toothpaste, and English muffins?

In this regard, Mander is using a "hasty generalization"; that is, making an inductive generalization "that draws a conclusion about all members of a group from evidence that pertains to a select few" Hurley, But wait, Mander hasn't even shown any evidence; he just fires with both barrels and makes a "false cause" a fallacy based on a phantom link between his premises and conclusions Hurley, Before launching into his four arguments, Mander asks readers to believe 47 that the four are…… [Read More].

Forming Judgments and the Development of Sound. Inquiry helps eliminate first impressions, preconceived notions and biases through a process of investigation of issues. The investigation itself could be either an inquiry into facts or an inquiry into opinions. Given the widespread availability of information, a key aspect to conducting inquiry is the ability to be realistic about how final the answers are likely to be.

One good way to determine this is to evaluate when the evidence is sufficient to permit the making of a judgment with certainty or if the evidence gathered is enough to demonstrate that one view of the issue being investigated has the force of probability. Points that need to be borne in mind while forming judgments include the need to distinguish between: Education Philosophies Understanding Educational Philosophies.

Furthermore, the nature and types of value, such as morals, aesthetics, religion, and metaphysics are the core focal areas for this study.

In other words, this field of study is related to ethics and aesthetics. This hypothetical study of values is also vital in education because it promotes the learning of moral rules, principles, ethics and values; hence it leads the individual to gain knowledge related to the good deeds and actions.

Logic is considered the fourth subdivision of philosophy…… [Read More]. Programming Genetic Circuits Is Fundamentally. To elaborate, he used his 'transistor' to build logic circuits that program each cell's behavior. For instance, he was able to tell a cell to change color in the presence of both a specified two enzymes. In the first grainy image below, Endy's DNA "buffer gates" flash different colors according to their situation.

In the image below that, we have a string of DNA -- we see the code of the a's, C's, T's and G's -- that has been programmed by synthetic biologist Eric Winfree of the California Institute of Technology Critical Thinking Is a Mental. During the critical thinking process the thinker will use all of these components, evaluating the implications and consequences of each, until they reach a satisfactory answer.

In order to reach a conclusion using critical thinking, one must hold off making judgment until all available facts are given and fully evaluated. However, the very nature of the critical thinking process means that there is no end to the critical thinking process.

Although one may end at a conclusion, this conclusion is only tentative based on the evidence used in the evaluation that led to that particular conclusion.

However, a conclusion is always subject to new information and evidence, thus the critical thinking process goes on. Each of will employ the methods of critical thinking on a regular basis. Often times we find ourselves using critical thinking when we are presented with a situation where our perception of reality is far from…… [Read More].

Appeal for a Law to. He individually abuses the essayist in the following manner: In this manner he is committing Ignorati Elenchi an irrelevant conclusion where he is reading an inappropriate conclusion to the argument.

Furthermore, he is appealing to pity "All dogs love riding out in the air. They need room to jump around" rather than to logic. And in summary form, this is not an argument: This type of letter might appeal to a particular "hard-working citizen" possibly overwhelmed with the problems of trying…… [Read More]. Educational Ideology Philosophy and Theory.

Finally, logic consists of the study of formal argument and is fundamentally related to other branches of philosophy and to the process of human reason, more generally. By connecting the awarding of a peace prize with the concerns of a world in which terrorism has become a constant threat, Obama makes clear the exigency of his message when he says: I believe that he did a good -- though not perfect -- job in meeting these differing expectations, and so crafted a speech that served as a fitting response to the occasion.

Whether or not one believes that Obama achieved the Aristotelian concept of ethos -- the ability to make a credible ethical appeal -- depends probably more on one's own politics than the speech itself. Elgin Seeking the Truth in. The mathematician's goal might be to determine the angle of a triangle; the painter's goal might be to assault the viewer's eye with a distorted or 'wrong' proportion or using an impossible perspective.

In other words, the criterion depends on the desired result of the project and the type of literal or figurative knowledge one wishes to convey. Neither system of knowledge is better, merely different, with different criteria or goals. Elgin's statement of reflective equilibrium acknowledges human beings have many different goals in knowing something is true or right. Sometimes our goal is to make something practical, as when seeking knowledge in a scientific truth. Other times it is to reconcile two different moral ideas from two different systems.

Other times it might be to create art. Elgin is not a relativist, a charge that might be leveled at her words by some foundationalists. She states that one needs…… [Read More]. Deductive and Inductive Theory Construction. Deductive Logic and Theory Building Theory Poverty is often a significant element influencing individuals to take on a life of crime, taking into account that organized crime leaders tend to recruit their subordinates from underprivileged environments.

Poor persons have lesser options in comparison to others and gradually come to consider that committing criminal acts is the only solution they have in order to survive. From the perspective of organized crime leaders poor areas are thus perfect recruitment spots.

There is a complex relationship between poverty and organized crime and by analyzing a series of organized crime communities from around the world one is likely to observe that many tend to focus on recruiting underprivileged individuals. Many organized…… [Read More]. Plato the Failure of Rationalism. However, those using empiricism as their main philosophical view of the world have also been able to twist the empiricism to use science's supposed rationalism and objectivity to justify tyranny of 'the best,' as in the case of eugenics, and the notion of 'survival of the fittest,' which suggests that the 'best' morally, racially, and ethically thrive and should be allowed to triumph over the 'weak.

American Pragmatism in the 20th. Neo-liberal policy theories are best understood when delineating Williamson's "Washington's Consensus" that first introduced and pioneered the concept.

Williamson sought to transfer control of the economy from the public to the private sector believing that this would improve the economic health of the nation and make for a more efficient government.

His 10 points included the recommendations that: Whilst on first blush, neoliberalism seems to cohere precisely with pragmatism in that it encourages private competition and seeks to transfer power…… [Read More].

Machiavelli and Evil the Ideas. These ideas are actually in direct contradiction to the prevailing religious philosophies of the time.

Machiavelli does not seed men judged by God, or even by other men -- but instead by whether the deed one sought was accomplished or not; and if that deed has eventual ramifications that may be good. This Prince may come to power through evil means from himself, from others, or through historical forces.

However, Princes who come to power based on criminal acts will not last in their position, nor will they be perceived as innately a leader.

Cruelty, which by its very nature is evil, may be applied once at the outset and then only when the greater good of the subjects demands it. In seizing a state, the Prince ought to examine closely into all those injuries which it is necessary for him to inflict evil , and to do them all…… [Read More].

Plato the Republic There Have. The text deals at length and often with a great variety of matters which bear on the human condition, but there are matters which would certainly have no place in a modern treatise on politics" Therefore, it is rather hard to determine the extent to which Plato used this means of communication, the dialogues, to point out to the actual necessities of the society he lived in and the aspects that needed changes. In particular, the arguments he provides from the realities of the time are provided by Plato to merely support his own line of thought related to the philosophical ideas on happiness and justice.

An aspect that firmly relates to the way in which the "Republic" is constructed and that uses the arguments on the ideal state is related to the role the state may have in providing its citizens here, the term "citizen" must be understood as…… [Read More]. Make define dependent -existent beings, explain parts PSR part justify a premise argument. See Rowe's article; pp. Make sure to clearly define dependent and self-existent beings, and also to explain the two parts of PSR and how each part is used to justify a different premise of the argument.

The Principle of Sufficient Reason as developed by theorists and philosophers points out that for every event, existence, occurrence, if that event or occurrence took place and is real, they there must be a reason and proof for that occurrence to be real.

More precisely, the theory appeals to the need to explain and justify different events in history that in fact took place and therefore there must…… [Read More]. Gender and the Edible Woman. Atwood's implication is that this expectation of femininity dehumanizes woman, restricting their potential to self-actualize and personal freedom.

The author's portrayal of Marian as feminine and weak indicates she is programmed to act this way and unable to consciously behave in any other manner. Marian is dehumanized by society.

As the story progresses Marian begins to grow into a stronger person. She begins to discover who she is and what she wants and take control over her life. Marion understands she does not want Peter and the life her has to offer. She takes her ring off places it in her change purse next to her nickels and dimes, coins of low value. Ultimately she overcomes the oppression of her culture, literally devouring a cake…… [Read More]. Hume and Experience in Morals Politics Religion. Hume and Experience In morals, politics, religion and science, Hume was a conservative empiricist who emphatically rejected all theories he thought of as metaphysical or not based on actual experience and sense perceptions.

He did not regard religious and metaphysical theories as scientific, but more like idle speculation, superstition and prejudice. No ultimate original principles existed outside of the mind and perceptions, and this certainly included the concept of cause and effect, which he insisted was derived from the senses and later processed through the mind in the form of simple and complex ideas.

Nothing could be known about human nature or any other subject outside of an exact, empirical science, while innate and a priori ideas did not exist. Even his theories of mathematics, logic and the color spectrum were all based on empiricism, and the ability of the mind to reflect, compile and make connections based on repeated…… [Read More]. National ID a Contrast Analysis. Woellert, however, quickly establishes her credentials as an objective observer by recounting the state of the union and admitting a climate of fear and anxiety.

She does not immediately begin disparaging the opposite point-of-view which she intends to contend. She states the case for National ID cards, and then poses the question: No, she says, calmly and clearly -- they will not. Woellert's standpoint is one of practicality and efficiency. While Magnusson displays the kind of religious belief that technocrats place in Silicon Valley's "next big thing," Woellert sounds the alarm of prudential American thinking: It would cost billions and be technologically imperfect.

Most troubling, it would lull the populace into a false sense of security. At the most there is one logic step: If this than that. I think most thinking takes place in the perceptual stage. These are the questions that arise, How much do I take in? This perception is based on habits of perceptions and what I hear, what I read and how I express myself. I understand that we do not need to use much explicit logic because we have already built the logic into our language.

I know that with investment decisions I followed what was recommended and what my friends were doing and then rationalized it with the following rationalization: Everyone does this and the stock rises for a while and when the market eventually gets a severe correction I rationalize that as well. I think that logic can be used to reinforce perceptions and prejudices but logic and argument will not change perceptions.

Perception is more than sensing, it is processing, reacting, and interpreting. In many cases, it also means responding in some way, either consciously or unconsciously. In my view if we take processing for granted then perception becomes even more important, because the way we look at a situation will determine what we can do about it.

Perceptual Blocks The influences family, teachers, religion, race, environment, and economic level that have shaped or conditioned my identity by instilling values, beliefs, viewpoints or attitudes that I have accepted without challenge serves as a perceptual block. This is both the topic and the driving force of the essay. Always define your terms and include a sensory picture i. Be highly descriptive in this step, because it is at this early stage of the essay that concrete language is most crucial.

Example of this step: The Batman is a superhero, in a Nietzschean sense, at least, even though he has no mutant powers. For instance, Catwoman is a thief, and the Penguin is a terrorist, and accordingly the Batman thwarts their plans: But now the Joker shows up and suddenly the Batman, himself a crime-fighter, begins to operate outside the law—e. This is a real problem, and naturally leads to a question, the answer to which is likely to be illuminating, so the essay has a feeling of purpose.

Does being a superhero make the Batman above the law? Propose a solution, or a clear path to a solution. Trying to frame an idea in a single sentence, while useful for clarity of conception, often ends up being more restricting than fruitful. It seems to be especially in response to the Joker that the Batman must take such extraordinary measures, some of which break the law. In a different essay, laying out my thesis here might very well work fine.

It depends on the essay. This is usually the main body of the paper. Generally, detailed analyses of three to five very specific, organically related items will do the trick. You should briefly outline each of these items separately on the worksheet under a , b , c , d , e. He appears to be interested in chaos; in fact every one of his criminal acts appears to function not for personal gain but in order to construct an evil fun house.

The job of law enforcement is to stop the Joker. He is too big a problem for them to handle. Though he breaks specific laws by specific actions, those actions serve the same greater good which the laws are enacted to serve.

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Logic can be defined as the systematic study of the methods and principles of correct reasoning or arguments. Logic teaches us the techniques and methods for testing the correctness of .

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Using James Madison’s essays, Federalist No. 10 and Federalist No. 51, Americans can have a better understanding of how logic was and is used in our government. James Madison was the fourth president of the United States and is one of the founding fathers of the United States. Jan 16,  · Words: Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: Dominant Logic DOMANT LOGIC It is not a simple task to understand "Dominant Logic." Dominant logic is .

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How To Write a Logical Essay in Four Steps By Mark Vecchio This tool is nothing more than an essay template; not a five-paragraph “Baker’s” essay, but a college/grad-school short essay structure based on fundamental principles of logic. Writing logic essays is not an easy task. If you do not have the aptitude or patience to conduct a time consuming research or if you are unable to take time off to do .