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Private vs Public Schools


❶What challenges have been faced during the implementation process and how they can be remedied in the future are also questions meant to be answered in the study. Availability of books and access to the internet is a major contributor to the learning process.

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Although research has been continuous for quite some time, it is impossible for anyway to state empirically that one system is better than the other. This therefore begs the question. How can the research be carried out in such a way that it highlights major issues in the educational sector that need to be addressed? The research is also supposed to bring to light an empirical way through which the quality of public school students can be measured against that of private school students.

Human beings tend to be proud of institutions that they are affiliate to. That being said, conduction of an analysis of the system could be hindered by exaggeration or even false witness statements. Research questions and variables. The study should allow for the comprehension of issues that lead to the rift between public and private schools.

It should also allow for the answering of questions such as are private school students better than public school students? If so how different are they from public school student? Or rather, in what aspects do these students differ? The paper should also address the possibility of an intervention in the education sector so as to address the issues that demarcate the two institutions in terms of quality education. This should be able to create a lasting solution to the quality issue.

Variables involved in this study include socioeconomic status, parental education, peer group characteristics and community support. This is commonly referred to as SES. This could affect education at the home level as well as the attitude towards education. Similarly, a good environment, one without parental quarrels, where all the basic human needs are met can ensure that the student can focus more on education. Availability of books and access to the internet is a major contributor to the learning process.

These facilities are not available to all though and this could affect the quality of education. Socioeconomic status could also affect the attitude towards education making data collection during the research rather difficult. Parental education The level of education of the parents is also a variable in this study.

Parents could influence their children to either, study hard and achieve as much as they did or to disregard education all the same. This may lead to reduced standards in education. Parental education could affect the quality of a students work at school as well. Parents always want what is best for their children. The thought that negative behavior is quite common in public schools could be a negative aspect.

This study should however establish whether this is true and find ways to mitigate the same. The community does in a way regulate the activities of a learning institution.

The community influences discipline and behavioral mannerism that are acceptable. This is a major variable since different communities could prefer different behavior. Importance and benefits of research This research could without a doubt be the elusive solution to the issues surrounding equality and equity in the educational sector. The research will also answer the unanswered questions like what factors make private and public school students different, whether the students are different or not as well as the question as to what can be done to ensure that there is a lasting solution to these issues.

The study and subsequently the research process, is meant to highlight issues that separate quality education provision between the public and private schools. It should also establish if at all public schools are better than private schools and vice versa. The research process will highlight areas where these two differ and find ways to resolve these issues creating a lasting solution to the issues that have plagued the educational sector for a very long time.

This paper, with the focus on past studies, will also look at past recommendations and what has been done to put them into effect not to mention the results they have achieved so far. What challenges have been faced during the implementation process and how they can be remedied in the future are also questions meant to be answered in the study.

Literature review The literature reviews in this paper has paid special emphasis on the choice of schools. The academic article has been tackled by David N. Figlio and Joe A.

The ideas and measures stipulated in this article are as per stipulated by the two researchers. Their study is mainly aimed at comparing private and public schools. Several factors have been put into consideration.

They include the performance, management of the school, the quality of the teaching process, class size and the facilities offered by the school. The writer of this article argue that private schools are more superior than public schools because the learners in private schools are more likely to successfully graduate from high school and get chances in colleges or universities. The proponents of this article can be criticized by the fact that public schools offer comparatively equal quality education.

Also this article has used data from different private and public schools to understand the best school between private and public schools. This article has also placed a special emphasis on the unique difference that occurs between the public schools and private schools sponsored by the church.

Reality stipulates that other factors apart from religion can influence the quality of education that can be provided. For example the writers of this research article should have considered factors such as the selection process.

Perhaps the selection process used during the intake of private schools mainly focuses on bright students. The second article that has been tackled in this literature review a research that was done by The Center of Educational policy. The most unique thing with this research is that it recognizes that factors such as family background and the level of the school should be considered before making a comparison between any public and private schools.

Also, a lot of studies that have been done in the past by scholars such as Hoffer, Coleman and Kilgore made conclusions that private schools are incomparably better than public schools.

It is important to consider other important aspects of family life during any study. The good thing about this research is that it did appreciate the fact that the difference in issues such as the family of origin can make a great difference in the performance of different students. Although this study has considered these factors, it is still vivid that there are other issues within their methodology that have made their conclusion that those public schools are better and private schools appear lame.

They argue that public schools improve the value of students and help them to continue maintaining the spirit of their private school performance, but there are still others who whose performance indicate a dropping graph. The other article dealt with in the literature review is the comparison made between private schools, public schools and market schools done by Andrew J. His paper focused on informally collected information and this is likely to be biased.

Through these common variables it would be easy to examine the two main segments of the education sector. While doing comparative analysis on the subject; public vs private schools, certain findings have been found.

These findings are as follows:. Public schools are bigger in size and having standardized and open buildings but private schools do not have intention to build huge structure. Private schools have philosophy that small classroom size is helpful for teachers to manage and focus properly on students.

Public schools have trained, permanent and highly qualified teachers, because teachers are hired through proper channel and after certain scrutinized process. Private schools do not have such critical process of hiring a teacher. Thus they have untrained and less qualified teachers.

In public sector schools, facilities like library, building, furniture, hall and utilities like gas, water supply and electricity these all are provided by government. While private sector schools have to bear all costs themselves. These costs make them expensive and only those who have sound financial resources can afford private schools.

There is standardized curriculum in public sector school. Government has motive to bring about such system that everyone gets equal level of education. Education is free up to matriculation level in public sector schools.

On the other hand, private sector schools lay down their own curriculum according to their preferences and they have penchant for setting out contemporary subjects. Governmental provision of free education to people is merely possible through public sector schools.

Government utilizes the money of taxpayers to provide at-no-cost education. Private schools do not have welfare concept. Essentially Such schools are profit-oriented institutions. If student do not show his intention, public or private schools cannot play any role to add to good grades.

Private and public both type of schools provide enough opportunities to students. Ratio of success increases when students grab these opportunities. Buy essays online - https:

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There is a controversy in America about the education in private schools vs. public schools. There have been many differences between the values of a public school and a private school. Private schools argue that the education received in the facilities is more valuable than any other schools.

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Public Schools vs. Private Schools essays A lot of controversy has been raised over public schooling versus private schooling. Much debate has been made about the advantages and disadvantages of public and private schools. However, the choice lies with the parents of school age children. Many asp.

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Essay about Public School vs Private School Words | 3 Pages. categories, public and private school. Many people in today’s society believe it’s better to send their children to private schools rather than public schools. Public Schools biuiawjdh.gae Schools A good education is an essential part of a child’s development. Today, parents have a choice in their child’s education and can evaluate both public and private biuiawjdh.gagh both public and private schools provide education and opportunities for students, parents should evaluate the differences and choose the option that best suits their child and.