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❶Credit cards and private student loans usually have the highest interest rates.

"I became insane, with long intervals of horrible sanity." -Edgar Allan Poe

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The only type of colleges that charge absolutely no tuition, are military colleges. However, these colleges require that the student serve their country in the corresponding branch of the military upon graduation. The United State declares: Whatever else is not covered, the government pays directly to the college or university as a loan to the student.

Although Scotland charges for loans as well, the tuition is so much lower, that the loans correspondingly are as well. Sweden, often referred to as the greatest success story in education, has completely eradicated the notion of tuition, making higher education absolutely free.

Stahle Sweden is a prime example of what the United States should be doing to better higher education policies. However, policies cannot be changed overnight, and the countries current level of debt makes free tuition a highly improbable idea. Since it would be improbable to lower the price of college tuition in the United States, a solution could be to find better way to help students with payment options. If more money were put into education instead of other projects like defense, the government would be able to give more grants and low-interest loans to students who cannot afford their tuition and were not fortunate enough to receive a scholarship.

It is clear that financial issues can very easily contribute to high stress levels in college students. While there are some programs in place to help students with the financial burdens, not enough is being done to ensure security in the future. Scholarships are great but are not guaranteed, even to those who deserve them; grants would seem to be the best form of support, but have strict guidelines for eligibility and do not cover the full cost; student loans have helped many students achieve their goals in college, but rising interest rates have put many people in debt.

It would be wise to take notes from other countries with much more successful higher education policies already in place. Our national budget could be modified to increase educational funding, but only with widespread and bipartisan support. Bureau of Labor Statistics. Guardian News, 20 Nov. American Student Assistance, Washington Post, 23 Oct. College is worth it. That's the straightforward conclusion of a recent study from the Brookings Institution's Hamilton Project.

Median earnings are higher no matter what you study, and the advantage you have over high school graduates lasts throughout your career.

The difference isn't minor, either: And despite growing anxiety about Americans' rising student-loan bill, using debt to partially finance one's education makes it an even better investment. The message is stark: Go to college, major in something you like so that you'll graduate yes, art history is worth it , and you will typically make more money. Hamilton even has a fantastic interactive graph that lets you see how much more money you can expect to earn based on your major:.

Granted, gaining that advantage in lifetime earnings does cost something, and the cost of college is rising -- a trend that no student is happy about. Those rising costs are at least partially a result of the abundance of loan options available to students. Those same loans, however, let Americans borrow their way toward a higher lifetime income. Students with jobs have the opportunity to receive an additional loan of 4, USD for the first two years and 5, USD in subsequent years of education.

For graduate students there exists an annual opportunity to loan 18, USD, however, only 8, USD of this amount are subsidized. The interest rate on student loans are different. It is calculated by adding the day rate of return on Treasury bills T-bill rate and 1. At the graduation there is another 0. The interest rate is set annually in a range not exceeding 8. All lenders make loans at a flat rate, nevertheless, each of them can individually offer discounts for repayment by installments and electronic system.

Students and graduate students having the difficult financial situation can get a Perkins soft loan. In this case, the creditor is the institution that manages the funds allocated for this purpose from the federal treasury.

Since the loan is subsidized, its interest shall be paid by the federal government while student is in education.

More students graduate each year with excessive student loan debt.

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Student Loan Debt. It is a norm and expectation in society today for students to pursue higher education after graduating from high school. College tuition is on the rise, and a lot of students have difficulty paying for their tuitions.

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Student loans are debts that are owed to the government or institution by attending and graduated students of institutions of higher learning. Free Essays from Bartleby | More Affordable Many of the protesters occupying Wall Street and other places say they are upset about the rising price of going.