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Suggest a New Term. A is the fifth letter of a AD HOC is being concerned with a ADA, among others, is Americans with Disabilities ADI, in invoicing, is After Date of Adjustments will vary dependent upon how the AFE, dependent upon usage, is an acronym ALPHA is the measurement of returns from Measuring, interpreting, and communicating financial information to support internal and external decision making.

Accounts receivable turnover ratio. Measure of the time a company takes to turn its accounts receivable into cash, calculated by dividing sales by the average value of accounts receivable for a period. Accounting method in which revenue is recorded when a sale is made and expense is recorded when it is incurred. Contabilidad a base de acumulados. A word that gives strength to any business message.

Involves the usage of colorful verbs and adjectives that convey a dynamic image to keep readers interested. Palabra que da fuerza a cualquier mensaje de negocios. Used when the subject comes before the verb and the object of the sentence follows the verb. Hope to help you! Hello, I would be glad to work with you, please check your PM. I have the ability and skills to translate from English to Spanish and viceversa.

Vast and extensive experience in accurate and professional translation for over 30 years. All type of documents: I'm a native Spanish speaker from Argentina and also an EnglishSpanish translator. Please check your PM. Good morning, I am very interested in this project.

I am a Spanish native, so Spanish is my mother tongue. Hi, spanish native with experience. I would like to work with you. Professional English-Spanish translator with over 32 years of experience. Please see PM for details. I'm fluent in english and spanish, worked with accounting firm 2years after high school so i'm familiar with a lot of the terminology. I'm highly fluent in both English and Spanish and I'm very familiar with spanish and english culture and vocabulary, including technical terms in different areas - those I don't know in either language, I will easily More.

Expert in financial statements analysis. English and Spanish biographies available upon request.

English to Spanish Financial Dictionary

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Accounting is a dynamic area with a vocabulary that is constantly changing; and to talk its language it is vital to keep up-to-date with the latest terminology. This Spanish - English dictionary is intended to serve as a convenient and reliable reference tool and is designed to be an essentially tool for the preparers and users of accounting information.

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Accounting Vocabulary in Spanish. The following is a list of Spanish language vocabulary for common accounting terms.

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Accounting and Money Terms in Spanish By YourDictionary In modern times, money and finance have become a part of every adult's life. Spanish Translator Services presents our free Spanish to English and English to Spanish translation dictionaries developed by the team of expert English - Spanish translators of Trusted Translations, Inc.

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Accounting Spanish VocabularyAccounting Vocabulary in Spanish. The following is a list of Spanish language vocabulary for common accounting terms. Read More Argentina May Fume Over Debt But Seen Driven To Make DealBy Daniel Bases NEW YORK (Reuters) – Argentina may hyperventilate about greedy hedge funds right up to and past the point of another [ ]. Anna works in accounting for a company based in London. Anna se dedica a la teneduría de libros y trabaja para una empresa londinense.