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17.1: The Solubility of Slightly Soluble Salts

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❶Because the concentration of a pure solid such as Ca 3 PO 4 2 is a constant, it does not appear explicitly in the equilibrium constant expression. Although silver nitrate is highly water soluble, silver sulfate has a K sp of 1.

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The Solubility Product

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This well was used to determine the solubility product since it was assumed the solute was completely dissociated as no light was being obstructed by a suspension of solute.

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Determination of the Solubility Product of an Ionic Compound PURPOSE In this experiment you will determine the solubility and solubility product of a slightly soluble.

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The Solubility Product. When a slightly soluble ionic compound is added to water, some of it dissolves to form a solution, establishing an equilibrium between the pure solid and a solution of its ions. Jan 30,  · CONCLUSIONS AND RECOMMENDATIONS The experiment conducted for the determination of the solubility product constant, Ksp, of Ca(OH)2 (with a balanced equation stated in (5)) through titration failed to comply with the theories in the relative magnitudes of the solubility constant as the ionic compound is dissolved to different types of media/5(12).

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The solubility product constant, Ksp, is a particular type of equilibrium constant. The equilibrium is formed when an ionic solid dissolves in water to form a saturated solution. The equilibrium exists between the aqueous ions and the undissolved solid. Determination of the Solubility Product of an Ionic Compound Chemicals Calcium nitrate, Ca(N03)2, M Distilled Water Sodium hydroxide, NaOH, M Equipment 12 or Well Microplate 4 Micropipettes: one for each chemical, plus one empty one for transfering between wells.